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Benefits of Quitting

Many people who quit smoking are surprised by how good they feel!

They feel in charge

  • They don’t need to smoke
  • They don’t have to find places to smoke
  • They don’t have to worry about their smoke bothering others

They smell good

  • Their hair, clothes, and breath don’t smell like smoke
  • Their cars, homes, and kids don’t smell like smoke
  • They can better smell food and other good smells

They feel more relaxed

  • They don’t have to make sure they always have cigarettes
  • They have more money
  • They are not as worried about their health

They look and feel better

  • They feel good about being able to quit
  • Their skin looks healthier
  • They have more energy when they walk, play with their kids, or do something active

The reality of quitting

The benefits of quitting are far better than the discomforts of recovery! Stay with it and find your freedom. Once you do, you'll never let it go.

Quitting smoking is hard work...
But it can be done. Millions of people just like you have become and are still former smokers.

I will crave cigarettes...
But cravings will pass. Most cravings only last a few minutes, and over time the urges to smoke will get weaker and come less often.

Withdrawal is uncomfortable...
But it isn’t painful. It’s for a short time and it’s manageable.

I might gain weight...
Gaining a few extra pounds after quitting is normal, but exercise and healthy eating can stop most of this weight gain, if not all of it.

Everything I do reminds me of smoking...
Smoking has been part of your daily life, like drinking coffee and waiting for the bus. But every day that you spend as a non-smoker will help make new routines that don’t include cigarettes.

Smoking is a part of me...
Smoking feels good because you’ve had lots of practice being a smoker. But you have years ahead of you to practice being a non-smoker.


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