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Secondhand Smoke Quiz

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Nicotine Addiction
Secondhand Smoke

How much do you know about secondhand smoke? Take this quiz to learn more about the dangers of secondhand smoke.

1. Secondhand smoke is:

2. Secondhand smoke is annoying, but it is not really a health concern.

3. Secondhand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including some that cause cancer in humans.

4. Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to have which of the following illnesses?

5. Which one of the following is not another name for secondhand smoke?

6. Which of the following chemicals does secondhand smoke contain?

7. Ventilation and separate non-smoking sections can eliminate secondhand smoke exposure.

8. A healthy non-smoker must be exposed to secondhand smoke for what amount of time before experiencing negative health effects?

9. Laws that limit where a person can smoke and reduce secondhand smoke exposure:

10. Research has shown that after laws were passed banning smoking in bars and restaurants there was a large decline within a couple of months in which of the following?



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