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Staying Focused on Quitting

Are you ready for the benefits of a smokefree life? Trying to quit is the first step! The tips below will help you stay on track, even when things get tough.

  • Read about how to quit smoking. Think about how it might work for you.
  • Spend time remembering your reasons for wanting to stop smoking and the benefits of quitting.
  • Tell yourself that you can choose to smoke or not. Tell yourself that you can quit smoking.  Make a promise to yourself to not smoke.
  • Take the warnings of health hazards and illnesses caused by smoking seriously. They can happen to you.
  • Consider the harm to the earth that is caused by smoking (like cigarette butts on the ground, air pollution, and forest fires). Also, the world is a better place when people quit smoking.
  • Have at least one person you can count on, be open with, and who will listen to you about your experiences with quitting smoking.
  • Take things out of your home and work that remind you of smoking, like ashtrays, matches, and lighters. Replace them with things that remind you NOT to smoke, like a list of your reasons for quitting, or a picture of your family.
  • Instead of smoking:
    • Find things to do with your hands.
    • Think about something else.
    • Be active.
    • Choose a healthy way to relax or deal with stress.
    • Drink cold water.
  • Notice how much the public supports nonsmokers and makes it easier to be one. Notice the “No Smoking” signs wherever you go and how many nonsmokers are all around you.
  • Label yourself as a nonsmoker. Think about how happy you will be when you quit.
  • Reward yourself when you don’t smoke.
  • Ask important people around you to help you to feel good about yourself when you don’t smoke. Welcome their rewards.


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