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Getting Started

There are some important questions to ask when you begin meeting with school and food service staff, including:

  • What work is the school currently doing around health and nutrition?
  • Who are the teachers or members of the school community that have been working on these programs?
  • Is there a formal nutrition education curriculum used in classes?
  • Does the school have a garden?
  • Where can you see me being of greatest support to the school in helping to elevate the role of food and nutrition in your school?
  • Who runs the cafeteria?
  • Does the school run its own food service or do they use a food service provider?
  • What goals does the school have for improved health and wellness?
  • Does the school need to add a salad bar and/or more fresh fruits and vegetables?
  • Would they like to procure more locally and sustainably grown foods?
  • Can additional equipment be donated or acquired through grants or other funds?

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