NIICD Documents

Avionics Contract Documents
OAS/AMD Changes: All FS/OAS documents will be renamed FS/AMD as time permits. All documents will be enforced whether they be named FS/OAS or FS/AMD.

FS/AMD A-16, Standardized Aircraft Connectors (pdf)

FS/AMD A-17, AUX-FM Radio Interface for Handheld Radios (pdf)

FS/AMD A-18, Aircraft Connector Test Plugs (pdf)

FS/AMD A-19, Specifications for acceptable P25 digital radios (pdf)

FS/AMD A-24, Avionics operational test standards for contractually required/offered equipment (pdf)

Avionics Matrix Reference
This matrix may aid those seeking a quick reference to aircraft avionics requirements. Contract specifications supersede this reference. (pdf)

Helicopter Audio Requirements for CWN, USFS Exclusive Use, and Rappel Contracts (PDFs)

Bell B206 B3
Bell B206 L3/L4, and B407
Bell B205/B210/B212
Bell B214
Eurocopter AS350
MD Helicopters MD500/MD530
MD Helicopters MD600
MD Helicopters MD900
Sikorsky S-61 Short
Sikorsky S-61 Long

Kit Documents
Daniels Equipment
NFES 4248, 4253, 4281, 4312, and 4370
Switch Settings (4.4 MB)

Approved Radios
Consolidated list of Approved Radios (pdf) or (Word)

FCC Issued Frequency Incompatibility
The FCC has begun to issue frequencies that have 7.5 kHz channel spacing. Many analog USFS radios cannot operate on these new frequencies. See the list of incompatible radios. (pdf)
There is a safety issue with the Relm BK EPH/EMH radio using interstitial frequencies. See the safety issue document (docx) or (pdf)

Infrared Scanner Order
National Infrared Operations link

ICS Forms
NWCG ICS Forms link

Updated ICS 205:
Incident Radio Comm Plan
Non standard 16 Channel version
(Excel xlxs)(Fillable pdf)

Incident Radio System Diagram PDFs
Communications System Diagrams to assist in the design and organization of an incident radio system (5.1 MB)

Radio Adapter Drawing PDFs
FS/AMD A-15, K
ing AUX-FM Adapter Interface Cable
FS/AMD A-25,
Racal AUX-FM Adapter Interface cable
FS/AMD A-26,
Motorola XTS3000 AUX-FM Adapter Interface Cable
Racal to Headset Adapter Cable
King to Headset Adapter Cable

Radio Programming PDFs
Datron PDF's
Radio Programming Help Guide (2.4 MB)
Radio Programming Pocket Guide

IC-A3 Radio Programming Help Guide
IC-A3 Radio Programming Pocket Guide

King (B/K)
EPH Narrow Band Programming Information
EPH-EPV Radio Programming Help Guide
EPH-EPV Radio Programming Pocket Guide
DPH Radio Programming Help Guide
DPH Radio Programming Pocket Guide

Midland PDF's
Midland Radio Programming Help Guide
Midland Radio Programming Pocket Guide

Motorola PDF's
XTS 2500 Radio Programming Help Guide
XTS 2500 Radio Programming Pocket Guide

Cobham (Northern Airborne Technology) Link
NPX136D Documents link containing: Basic Operation, Installation & Operations Manual, and the Programming Block Diagram Flow Chart

TDFM-136/A NIICD Basic Programming Instructions
TDFM-136/A Quick Reference Guide (Firmware 2.x.x) Link
TDFM-136A Operating Instructions (Firmware 2.x.x) Link
TDFM-136/A Operating Instructions (Firmware 3.x.x) Link

Thales 25 (Racal) PDF's
Radio Programming Help Guide
Radio Programming Pocket Guide

NIRSC User's Guide PDFs
2012 NIRSC User's Guide (13.4 MB)

Contact Great Basin Cache for a printed copy of the NIRSC User's Guide NFES 0968

Radio Inventory
NIICD Radio Inventory Database (Microsoft Access) (15 MB Zip File)


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