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Navigate Up - Track the Money is the U.S. government's official website that provides easy access to data
related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

Breakdown of Funding By Category

Total Funds Allocated:

$840 Billion

Estimated American Recovery and Reinvestment Act tax, entitlement, and contract, grant, and loan expenditures have been increased from $787B to $840B to be consistent with the President's 2012 budget and with scoring changes made by the Congressional Budget Office since the enactment of the Recovery Act in February 2009.

Breakdown of Funds Paid Out By Category


For a complete list of all programs in a category, click the category name.

Individual Tax Credits

First-Time Homebuyers. Transportation Subsidy. Education benefits. Earned Income Tax Credits.

Making Work Pay

$400 tax credit for working individuals; $800 for working married couples

Tax Incentives for Businesses

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit added unemployed veterans and 16-to-24 year olds to the list of new hires that businesses could claim. The Net Operating Loss Carryback allows small businesses to offset losses by receiving refunds on taxes paid up to five years ago.

Energy Incentives

Tax credits for energy efficient improvements to residences. Tax credits for alternative energy equipment. Electric Vehicles Tax Credit

Manufacturing & Economic Recovery, Infrastructure Refinancing, Other

Tax-exempt bonds to expand industrial development. Bonds for investment in Infrastructure, job training, and education in high unemployment areas. Increased available New Market credits


Assistance with Continuation of Health Coverage


State Fiscal Stabilization Fund. Student Aid. Training and Employment Services. Aid for the Disadvantaged. Special Education and Rehabilitative Services


Highway Infrastructure. High-Speed Rail Corridors. Grants for Railroads and Airports


Broadband. Federal Building Fund. Highway Construction. Rural Water and Waste Disposal Account

Energy / Environment

Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy Program. Defense Environmental Clean-up. Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability Program. Water and Related Resources Superfund Program

Research & Development / Science

Fossil Energy R&D. National Science Foundation. National Institutes of Health


Public and Indian Housing. Rental Assistance Programs. Homelessness Prevention Programs. Homeowners Assistance Fund


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Indian Health Service. Food & Nutrition Service. National Institutes of Health

Public Safety

Wild land Fire Management. FEMA Firefighter Assistance Grants and Emergency Food and Shelter. Violence Against Women Programs. Customs and Border Protection

Other Programs

Some administrative and Operation Costs for Recovery Programs. Offices of the Inspectors General Recovery Administration Costs


Health Resources and Services. Veterans Health Administration. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Indian Health Services. Food and Nutrition Services. Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children

Job Training / Unemployment

Community Service Employment for Older Americans. Training and Employment Services. Special Education and Rehabilitative Services. Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers.


Medicaid Grants to States; Medicare HITECH Incentive Payments; Program Management

Family Services

Foster Care and Adoption Assistance; Child Support; Food Stamp Program; Assistance for Needy Families


Grants for Specified Energy Property in Lieu of Tax Credits; Bonneville Power Administration Fund; Western Area Power Administration, Borrowing Authority

Economic Recovery Payments

One-time $250 payments to Social Security beneficiaries; Railroad Board payments; Veterans payments


Grants to States for Low-Income Housing in Lieu of Low-Income Tax Credits


Assistance for Farm and Aquaculture Revenue Losses Due to Natural Disasters. Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers