• Taking Contractor Accountability to the Next Level

    Since coming into office in 2009, President Obama has made great strides in making government more accountable to the American people, pursuing tough reforms to cut waste and act as responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.

  • Eliminating Red Tape to Boost Trade & Economic Growth

  • Spending Less, Spending Smarter

    The Campaign to Cut Waste has already achieved $4 billion dollars in savings in 2012, well on track to meet and exceed President Obama's goal of $8 billion by the end of FY 2013.

  • Building-Blocks of a 21st Century Digital Government

    Federal agencies are making great strides towards putting a solid foundation for a 21st Century Digital Government in place.

  • Making Forms Simpler

    To fulfill its functions, the federal government asks people to fill out a lot of forms. To get permits and licenses, to pay taxes, and to qualify for benefits and grants, forms are often required. Too often, however, those forms are too confusing and complicated, especially for individuals and small businesses. Now, we are doing something about that problem.

  • A Smarter Approach to Regulation

    This White House White Board lays out the facts and shows that we can protect health and safety while promoting economic goals

  • A Regulatory Reformer Leaves His Mark

    With regret and deep gratitude, I am announcing that Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator Cass Sunstein will be leaving OMB this month.

  • Regulatory Cooperation in Action

    Today we are pleased to announce an important step forward for a joint effort launched by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper to cut unnecessary red tape for companies small and large that want to do business cross our shared border.

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