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Let’s Move! and Meetup Everywhere make it easy for parents, teachers, chefs, elected officials and others to take action by organizing or participating in face-to-face meetings dedicated to solving the problem of childhood obesity in their local communities. A Let’s Move! Meetup is flexible – a Mayor may host a town hall, a parent could organize a physical activity event, or a chef can teach a healthy cooking class – the idea behind a Let’s Move! Meetup is to spark a conversation about childhood obesity in your community. Visit the Take Action section for ideas to get started.

Here are the ways you can participate:

  Sign up to attend or organize your own event on the Let’s Move! Meetup page     Upload photos from your meetup to the Let’s Move! Facebook page or to Flickr
  Tell us about your meetup on the Let’s Move! Facebook page     Use the #letsmovemeetup hashtag on Twitter

Please note that Let's Move! Meetups and affiliated content posted on Facebook, Flickr. Twitter or elsewhere that is tagged with Let’s Move!-specific hashtags may be highlighted on www.LetsMove.gov.

Q & A

What's the purpose of a Let’s Move! Meetup?

This problem can't be solved just by passing laws in Washington - Meetups empower people in communities around the country to organize events in their neighborhoods to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity and discuss ways to improve children's health.

Can anyone be involved?

Yes. To solve the problem of childhood obesity, we need everyone working together. Your involvement is key to ensuring a healthy future for our children and everyone has a role to play in reducing childhood obesity — including elected officials from all levels of government, schools, health care professionals, faith-based and community-based organizations, and private sector companies. The goal of Let’s Move! Meetups is to inspire people to take action in cities and towns across the country to address the problem.

Do I need a Meetup account to sign up to attend or organize a Let's Move! Meetup?

You can use a Facebook account or a Meetup account to sign in and RSVP and/or organize an event.

Can I add a new Meetup to the map, even if my town already has one?

Yes. If the current Meetup is far away or you have a different idea for a Meetup, feel free to schedule another one.

How do I organize a Let's Move! Meetup Everywhere event in my neighborhood?

Let's Move! Meetups are flexible - you can organize a meeting with friends and neighbors to discuss improving the health of kids in your community or check out the Take Action section for more ideas like organizing a school health team, planting a school garden or starting a cooking club. Meetups are an easy way to organize Let's Move! events in your community.