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Clinical Practice Guidelines
Development and Implementation of the National Guideline Clearinghouse™

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Research Findings

Research Activities, September 2012:
Study fails to find link between guideline-based emergency treatment for pediatric asthma and patient outcomes
Clinician and patient resources now available on ADHD treatment options

Research Activities, August 2012:
Outcomes of trauma patients depend heavily on whether recommended practices are followed
Treatment guideline reduces hypoglycemic events in critically ill children

Research Activities, July 2012:
Implementing a clinical practice guideline helps children with pneumonia get proper antibiotics
Consumer and clinician summaries now available on chronic pelvic pain treatment options

Research Activities, April 2012:
Clinical algorithm can identify and locate serious internal bleeding related to oral anticoagulant use

Research Activities, March 2012:
Guideline management of inpatient cellulitis and cutaneous abscess reduces antibiotic use
Some diabetes practice guidelines do not reflect all available evidence

Research Activities, February 2012:
New rule on when to have a trauma surgeon meet a transported trauma patient is found more sensitive than existing criteria

Research Activities, December 2011:
Similarly effective international guidelines for managing cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetes vary in costs

Research Activities, August 2011:
AHRQ's clinical care tools help clinicians ensure better and safer care
Electronic order sets can help treatment conform to guidelines for antibiotic use after surgery

Research Activities, July 2011:
Guideline familiarity does not equal guideline adherence

Research Activities, April 2011:
Rates of pneumonia dramatically reduced in patients on ventilators in Michigan intensive care units

Research Activities, February 2011:
Prenatal screening for Group B streptococci often fails to live up to current screening and treatment guidelines

Research Activities, January 2011:
Most acute-care hospitals follow national guidelines for the prevention and treatment of MRSA infections

Research Activities, July 2010:
Physicians' reasons for deviating from quality guidelines are usually justified
Adequate financial bonuses and peer support motivate providers to adhere to evidence-based treatment guidelines
Performance measures requiring antibiotics for pneumonia have not boosted antibiotic use in nonpneumonia patients

Research Activities, December 2009:
New guidelines issued for nephrotic syndrome in children
Majority of primary care physicians now recommend colonoscopy

Research Activities, August 2009:
Clinical practice guidelines for cardiology are steeped more in expert opinion than scientific evidence
Journal supplement focuses on guidelines for international breast health and cancer control-implementation

Research Activities, July 2009:
Patients who are connected to their doctors tend to receive care that adheres to guidelines

Research Activities, May 2009:
Lack of self-efficacy keeps inner-city primary care providers from following national asthma management guidelines

Research Activities, February 2009:
Children receive ear tubes more frequently than clinical guidelines and experts recommend

Research Activities, January 2009:
Less than half of consumer Web sites are updated to reflect new recommendations on antibiotic use for ear infections

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