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Make Your School a Healthy Worksite

Help your school become a healthier place to work. There are a variety of ways to do this, including the following:

  • Be a role model to students for a healthy lifestyle. Lead by example. Walk with your students, and eat with them.
  • Encourage faculty and staff to be active and consume healthy foods and beverages.
  • Evaluate worksite policies for teachers and other school staff.
  • Determine employee health-related costs.
  • Identify nutrition and physical activity interests and needs of school employees.
  • Establish goals for improving healthy behaviors among staff (e.g., increase the proportion of school employees that meet the national physical activity guidelines.)
  • Obtain administrative support for school employee wellness programs that offer a variety of healthy eating and physical activities for staff.
  • Implement a variety of healthy eating and physical activities that emphasize health education, skill-building, and changes to the school environment.
  • Consider making changes to create healthier workplace, such as including incentives for physical activity or walking or biking instead of driving to school.
  • Encourage "walking meetings," or make athletic facilities and equipment available to staff after hours.