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Recently Funded Dissertation Grants

Institution Title Status
Albrecht, Jennifer R36 HS021068-01 University of Maryland, Baltimore Depressive Symptoms and 30-Day Unplanned Hospital Readmission in Older Americans Anticipated Completion 8/31/2012
Boudreaux, Michel R36 HS021690-01 University of Minnesota The Long Term Impact of Medicaid in Childhood on Health and Socio-Economic Status Anticipated Completion 12/31/2013
Carey, Colleen R36 HS020881-01 Johns Hopkins University Whose $800 Billion: Risk Adjusted Subsidies in Medicare Anticipated Completion 8/31/2013
Chang, Eva R36HS021684-01 Johns Hopkins University Access to Care in Asian Americans: Assessing Determinants of Usual Source Anticipated Completion 08/31/2013
Cochran, Gerald R36 HS021394-01 University of Texas Latent Classes and Transitions for Brief Alcohol Interventions in Trauma Settings Anticipated Completion 01/31/2013
Davis, Ashley E. R36 HS021078-01 Northwestern University Geographic Inequities in Kidney Transplantation: Investigating Possible Solutions Anticipated Completion
Flieger-Peterson, Signe R36 HS021385-01 Brandeis University Evaluation of a Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot in New Hampshire Anticipated Completion 5/31/2013
Geissler, Kimberley Lynn H. R36 HS021074-01 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Changes in Health Care Access and Utilization in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region Completed
Gillette, Christopher Michael R36 HS019103-01 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The Effect of Risk and Side Effect Communication on Asthma Medication Adherence Completed
Graetz, Ilana R36 HS021082-01 University of California at Berkeley EHR Use and Care Coordination Completed
Hannum, Susan Marie R36 HS020177-01 University of Maryland Baltimore County Conceptualizations of Cancer Among Chronically Ill Older Adults Completed
Heberlin, Emily R36 HS021975-01 University of South Carolina, Columbia Comparative Effectiveness of Group Prenatal Care on Women’s Psychosocial Health Anticipated Completion 08/31/2013
Hessels, Amanda R36 HS021988-01 Rutgers University Impact of Health Information Technology and Quality of Patient Care Anticipated Completion 12/31/2013
Hilligos Phillip R36 HS018758-01 University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Patient Handoffs Between Emergency Department and Inpatient Physicians Anticipated Completion
Hirsch, Annemarie R36 HS020165-01 Ohio State University Evaluating Electronic Health Record Data for Use in Diabetes Quality Reporting Completed
Huynh, Alexis R36 HS020528-01 RAND Corporation Identifying Types of Networks HIV Intervention Should Target to Promote Disclosure Completed
Jones, Audrey R36 HS021721-01 University of California- Los Angeles Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health Service and Medical Care Expenditures Anticipated Completion 01/31/2014
Jung, Hye-Young R36 HS020756-01 Brown University The Impact of Coordinating Medicare and Medicaid Benefits for the Dually Eligible Anticipated Completion
Keith, Rosalind Eve R36 HS020530-01 University of Michigan The Development and Testing of a Framework for Understanding Effective Implementation Completed
Kelley, Tiffany R36 HS021075-01 Duke University Nurses' Information Needs While Caring for Hospitalized Children Completed
Kennelty, Korey R36 S021984-01 University of Wisconsin- Madison Medication List Consistency When Patients Transition from Hospital to Community Anticipated Completion 07/31/2013
Kitzmiller, Rebecca R. R36 HS020161-01 Duke University Making Sense of Health Information Technology in an Academic Medical Center Completed
Lerner, Barbara R36 HS17988-01 Boston University Communication During Genetic Test Disclosure Sessions: Impact on Patient Outcomes Completed
Li, Zhe R36 HS021609-01 Northwestern University Strategic Liver Allocation by Stochastic Game Models- Competition vs. Cooperation Anticipated Completion 5/31/2013
Mackie, Thomas R36 HS021985-01 Brandeis University Evaluating Psychotropic Oversight on the Safety of Children in Foster Care Anticipated Completion 12/31/2013
Malcolm, Bianca R36 HS021085-01 Columbia University The Spatiotemporal Anatomy of Seasonal Influenza in the United States, 1968 Anticipated Completion
Mason, Jennifer Elizabeth R36 HS020878-01 North Carolina State University at Raleigh Optimal Design of Guidelines for Preventive Treatment to Manage Cardiovascular Disease Anticipated Completion
Mitchell, Jordan R36 HS021079-01 University of South Carolina Research Foundation Association Between Clinical Decision Support Systems and Health Care Disparities Completed
Pine, Kathleen R36 HS020753-01 University of California at Irvine Implementation of Electronic Medical Records for Documentation: Implications for Efficiency and Safety of Workflow in Labor and Delivery Anticipated Completion
Raskin, Sarah Elaine R36 HS019117-01 University of Arizona A Qualitative Description of a Pilot Project to Improve Access to Care in One Dental Health Profession Shortage Area Anticipated Completion
Richards, Catherine R36 HS021709-01 Columbia University in the City of New York Hospital and County-Level Predictors of Immediate Breast Reconstruction Post-Mast Anticipated Completion 09/29/2013
Shoemaker, Julia Samantha R36 HS020866-01 University of Maryland, Baltimore Issues in Medicare Part D Selection Anticipated Completion
Szymczak, Julia R36 HS020760-01 University of Pennsylvania Exploring the Adaptive and Interpretive Dynamics of Implementation in Infection Anticipated Completion
Taylor, Erin R36 HS021604-01 University of Pennsylvania The Effect of Specialty Tier Placement on Enrollment and Utilization of Medicare Anticipated Completion 08/31/2013
Tsui, Jennifer R36 HS020172-01 University of California, Los Angeles Geographic Access to Care and HPV Vaccine Uptake Among Ethnic Minority Girls Completed
Whicher, Danielle R36 HS021064-01 Johns Hopkins University Rethinking Informed Consent for Pragmatic Comparative Effectiveness Trials Anticipated Completion
Wilcox, Lauren R36 HS021393-01 Columbia University User Interfaces for Communicating Inpatient Medication Therapies Anticipated Completion 7/31/2013

Reflects dissertation grants funded through 9/07/2012.

Current as of September 2012

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