Featured: Info for Small Business

If you run a small business, you may rely on technology to expand your reach and stay competitive, even if you don’t have a full-time IT staff. OnGuardOnline.gov wants you to have the information you need to protect your data, your networks, and your IT systems.

Our small business page highlights how-to videos and tutorials about protecting information, creating cybersecurity plans, and learning about cyber threats. The page also features training materials for employees, free email updates, and other cybersecurity resources for small businesses.

Videos and Tutorials

Protecting Personal Information

Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business

A sound data security plan is built on five key principles: take stock, scale down, lock the information you need, properly dispose of the information you don't need, and create a plan to respond to security incidents. Learn more about how you can implement these principles in your business with this interactive tutorial.

FCC Small Biz Cyber Planner

Creating a Cybersecurity Plan

The Small Biz Cyber Planner is an interactive resource that can help you create a customized cybersecurity plan for your business.

Securing Your Wireless Network

Securing Your Wireless Network

To protect your company's wireless network, use WPA2 encryption. This video provides step-by-step instructions and other tips for securing your wireless network.


P2P File-Sharing

The Risks of P2P File-Sharing

If your company stores sensitive information in your files or on your computer systems, consider the risks of file-sharing software and learn what you can do to protect that sensitive information.

Information Technology Security for Small Business

This video from the National Institute of Standards and Technology describes computer hacking, denial-of-service attacks, laptop theft, insider abuse, computer viruses, and botnets, and encourages small business owners to define their security needs and establish IT security plans.

Articles and Publications

Privacy and Security

For many companies, collecting sensitive consumer and employee information is an essential part of doing business. The Federal Trade Commission’s BCP Business Center offers advice to help you properly secure or dispose of that data.

Securing Your Wireless Network

Step-by-step instructions to help you secure your wireless network

The Basics of Cloud Computing

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) provides basic information about “the cloud.

Resources for Training Employees

Computer Security

Tips to help you secure your computer and protect yourself from hackers, scammers, and identity thieves


Tips for avoiding, detecting, and getting rid of viruses and spyware


What to do about messages that ask for your personal information

P2P File-Sharing Risks

Computer security risks to consider before sharing files through a P2P network

Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

Tips for protecting your personal information when using public Wi-Fi hotspots

Socializing Securely: Using Social Networking Services

Tips to help you and your employees be secure when sharing information on social networks

P2P Threeplay

P2P Threeplay (Game)

Dare you take on the Great and Powerful P2P Master? A game of tic-tac-toe awaits anyone willing to test their peer-to-peer file-sharing smarts.

Email Updates

OnGuardOnline.gov Blog Updates

Get the latest cyber security news and practical tips from the FTC and other federal agencies.

Business Center Blog Updates

The Business Center Blog features timely compliance tips on advertising, telemarketing, credit, data security, and other need-to-know topics. Sign up to get the latest post from the Business Center Blog delivered straight to your inbox.

Technical Cyber Security Alerts

Timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits from US-CERT

Cyber Security Bulletins

These weekly bulletins provide summaries of new vulnerabilities – along with patch information when available – from US-CERT.

Other Cybersecurity Resources for Business

Department of Homeland Security

For today’s business owners, protecting against information security risks is part of protecting their bottom line. DHS highlights cybersecurity resources available to small and medium-sized businesses to help protect against the increasing cybersecurity risks of theft, fraud and abuse.

Federal Communication Commission

The FCC has resources to help businesses develop a cybersecurity strategy to protect their business, their customers, and their data from growing cybersecurity threats.

Small Business Administration

The SBA provides information security resources and other useful advice for small businesses