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Can I enroll at the FLETC if I am not in a law enforcement position?

The FLETC was created to train federal law enforcement officers. There is an on-site office that represents State, Local, and International law enforcement personnel. Private sector students can be admitted if the admission criteria is satisfied and a Partner Agency sponsors the student. Appropriate documentation from the Partner Agency is forwarded to the Director of the Office of State, Local, and International training for his approval.

Is e-mail and/or internet access available to students at the FLETC?

Yes.  In the main classroom building, there are 48 computers on-line upstairs and 12 computers on-line downstairs available to access personal e-mail & internet accounts.  We are hoping to double that number by the end of the fiscal year.

You may also access your personal e-mail or Internet account  from those dorm rooms with phones.  To do so, you must have your own computer and you must be able to access your Internet Service Provider (ISP) either by a local (Brunswick, GA) phone number or by using a toll free number provided by the ISP. 

Another possible solution would be to use your personal telephone credit card toll free number to call your ISP, but this would be a long distance call and you would be responsible for paying for the charges (it would be your own telephone card you would be using).