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HHS Service Contract Inventory

The FY2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act, PL 111-117, Section 743 of Division C, requires civilian agencies to prepare an annual inventory of their service contracts and to make the inventory available to the public.

  • HHS 2011 Service Contract Inventory
    [Available in these formats: XLS (7.1 MB); CSV (7.4 MB)]
    The Service Contract Inventory lists all service contracts procured by HHS. The inventory indicates HHS agency, principal city of performance, type of contract, description, and vendor information. 

  • HHS 2011 Service Contract Inventory Summary
    [Available in these formats: XLS (32 KB); CSV (5 KB)]
    The Inventory Summary provides aggregated information for HHS Service Contracts by product or service description and type of contract. 

  • HHS 2010 Service Contract Inventory Analysis
    HHS has conducted an analysis of their spending on contracts and report its findings for FY2010 in this document.

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