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Division of Acquisition (DA)

The Division of Acquisition provides leadership in the area of acquisition through policy development, training, and program support on acquisition and business operational issues. The Division is comprised of two offices, Office of Acquisition Policy and Office of Acquisition Program Support.

Acquisition Policies, Guidance, and Workforce Planning Information

HHS Acquisition Policies and Guidance 
Find information about acquisition policies, class deviations, worktools and acquisition workforce planning.

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Division of Acquisition Organization

The Office of Acquisition Policy is responsible for:

  • Developing Department-wide acquisition policies governing acquisition activities
  • Publishing and maintaining the HHS Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR)
  • Managing the HHS training and certification programs for the HHS acquisition workforce
  • Managing the Departmental Contracts Information System (DCIS) and related contract system initiatives
  • Participating in government-wide acquisition rule-making through the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council

The Office of Acquisition Program Support is responsible for:

  • Conducting procurement management reviews, and measuring acquisition performance.
  • Responding to acquisition-related GAO and IG audits and Congressional inquiries
  • Leading the HHS Strategic Sourcing and Purchase Card programs
  • Managing the acquisition aspects of the HHS environmental program
  • Providing advice and technical assistance on matters related to HHS acquisition programs

Key Personnel

Last updated: 07/09/2012