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HHS Acquisition Policies and Guidance

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Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR)

Desk References

Privacy Act – System of Records Notice

HHS Consolidated Acquisition Solution (HCAS) is an initiative to reduce the number of duplicative acquisition systems, thereby streamlining and standardizing our procurement processes and systems across the Department. HCAS replaced varying Procurement Request Information System configurations that existed across HHS, and replaced legacy acquisition systems and manual processes necessary for capturing HHS acquisition transactions for integration with the Unified Financial Management System. The System of Records Notice for HCAS can be found at

Class Deviations

Acquisition Policy Memoranda (APM)

Other Acquisition Guidance

NOTE: Any interim HHSAR changes with an effective date prior to January 26, 2010, have been superseded by the amended HHSAR.

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Contract File Checklists (See APM 2009-02)

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Acquisition Templates

HHS Contract Competition

HHS Acquisition Planning

Acquisition Guides

Contract Data Reliability

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2008-2009 Acquisition Policy Memoranda 

Also see:

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Last Updated: March 20, 2012