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Lessons Learned Work Group

Have you been involved -- or are you aware of -- a law enforcement experience from which others could benefit? If so, you can help the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) help others! The FLETC has always strived to learn from past experiences of law enforcement officials to develop and implement training programs which assist the law enforcement community in fighting the war on crime, drugs, and terrorism. We recognize that you, as an experienced law enforcement official, are one of the best sources for this information.

In 1983, the FLETC established a Lessons Learned Committee (LLC), now known as the Lessons Learned Work Group (LLWG), consisting of representatives from the FLETC and its partner organizations, for the purpose of examining incidents or situations that may have relevance to law enforcement training. After reviewing these incidents, pertinent information is then disseminated to the training personnel for their action. Numerous training enhancements have been integrated into the FLETC’s training curriculum as a result of the LLC’s efforts. The law enforcement community has benefited tremendously from these lessons learned through information sharing by the law enforcement agencies.

The LLWG’s focus includes both the high profile shooting/high speed chase situations, as well as other incidents, e.g. damaging press releases, etc. The LLWG is interested in reviewing incidents with both positive and negative outcomes and highlighting successes as well as mistakes. The LLWG is fully aware of the sensitivity of this issue and works diligently to safeguard the confidentiality and the concerns of the individual/agency involved. Whenever possible, the LLWG seeks to interview the investigating official to thoroughly examine the incident, and the potential lessons learned.

The LLWG can only be effective, however, through the full participation and cooperation of the law enforcement community. All law enforcement officials are encouraged to take part in this worthwhile endeavor, by sharing information of relevant incidents/situations, in which they were personally involved or of which they are aware, by completing the attached Lessons Learned Form. Upon receipt of the form, a representative of the LLWG will contact the respondent to formally request permission of the agency involved to review the incident and determine if it has relevance to training.

The reality of the law enforcement profession is that incidents do occur and valuable lessons can be learned from these incidents. This information can then be used to develop training scenarios for our officers and agents, and to offer insights into future situations which may save a life.

On behalf of the FLETC, the LLWG asks for your support and encourages your positive involvement. Please take the opportunity to provide others with the benefit of your experience by completing the attached form.

Thank you!