Government Jobs

Looking for government jobs? Begin the process now of searching and applying for federal, state and local government jobs.

People get jobs in the federal government in the same way that they get most jobs in the private industry: by finding job openings and submitting a resume or job application. You can research and apply for government jobs online with a resume. However, while the process is now very similar to that in private industry, there are still significant differences due to the many laws, executive orders, and regulations that govern federal and state employment. can help you find out how federal jobs are filled, learn more about the hiring reform, find tips for your resume, application and interview as well as how to apply for federal jobs. Most federal jobs are listed on USAJOBS, however, some excepted service agencies post jobs independently on their own website or elsewhere. If you’d like to work for a specific agency, do a targeted search of their job sections or check this list of excepted service agencies and their employment information pages.

Federal Government Jobs

  • Official Federal Jobsite
    USAJOBS is the official jobsite for the U.S. federal government and is operated by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Most federal civilian jobs–with the exception of jobs in the federal judiciary–are posted on USAJOBS.
  • Search for Jobs
    The federal government has thousands of job openings at any given time. Use Advanced Search to narrow your search by job title, agency, location, and other criteria.
  • Apply for Jobs
    Each vacancy announcement has unique application requirements. If you've determined that you qualify for a position, review the "How to Apply" section of the job announcement. Some positions seek electronic applications while others accept applications by mail.
  • Citizenship
    U.S. citizenship is required for most federal jobs. Some agencies hire non-citizens through special hiring procedures. Contact agencies directly to inquire about positions for non-citizens.
  • Security Clearance
    Some jobs with the federal government require a security clearance; however, the government will not request or pay for a background investigation until you are offered a position that requires a clearance.
  • FAQs, Tutorials, and Other Help
    Find answers to questions about the federal pay scale, the meaning of terms like "series," "grade," "status candidate," and more.

State Job Banks

  • State Job Banks
    Search the state job banks on CareerOneStop, a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored site for job seekers.