Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
* NIH Statement on Sharing and Distributing Mouse Resources


IV. Partial List of Mouse Repositories and Databases

The Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative Mouse Resource website (lists some repositories, as well as other mouse related resources):

The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine:

Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers (MMRRC):
Generally, the MMRRC will accept mice free-of-charge, however, there may be a fee to cover costs associated when frequency of requests or production of mice is low.

Mouse Models of Human Cancer Consortium (MMHCC):

NIAID Mouse Exchange Program:

NCI Laboratory Animal Production Program:

Mouse Genome Database Project (MGD):

Mouse Gene Expression Database Project (GXD):


ORNL Mutant Mouse Database:

Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium:

Database of Gene Knockouts in Mice that Affect Nervous System Phenotypes and Function Index:

MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit & UK Mouse Genome Centre, Harwell, UK:

BioMedNet Mouse Knockout Database:

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