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Aspirin Sense and Sensitivity: the Android App The NRSF Blog School and Health Department Packages - Free! Talking to Tweens and Teens About Aspirin and Other Medications Dick Van Dyke; NRSF Spokesperson
We've created an App for the Android phone and tablets all about Aspirin, from lists of products containing and not containing aspirin, to drug interactions with aspirin, to diseases that aspirin negatively impacts... Our Blog is a great way to learn even more about aspirin and children, and get tips and hints about a range of things all centered around Reye's Syndrome and aspirin... The Foundation makes a special Reye's Syndrome Information package available to Schools, Health Departments, Human Resource Divisions, and to anyone who would like Reye's Syndrome information... Helping themselves, and sharing meds is a serious issue with Tweens and Teens. They do not realize the dangers involved, and often think OTC drugs are harmless. How to talk to them about drugs, and Reye's... Donate - Your Support is Appreciated!
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