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How do I post photos to my blog?

First you'll have to configure an external blog, (do that here). You'll be guided through the set-up process, and at the end you can try a test post to make sure everything works.

When that's done, you can blog any public photo you see on Flickr that has the blogging feature enabled. When you're looking at a single photo, for example, on this photo, you'll see your blogs in the Share menu.

When you blog a photo, you can post immediately by adding a title and body for the post. There's a link to your blog as well so you can check that the entry looks OK.

You can set up as many blogs as you like.

You can also send to Flickr and blog from your mobile device. When you upload a photo to Flickr via email, and you have at least one blog set up in Flickr, we can post your photo to your blog automatically. Check your settings here.

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Which blogging services does Flickr support?

We currently support the following blogs:

* Only one Google ID is supported for each Flickr account for Blogger. If you have more than one Blogger blog, they'll all need to be associated with the same Google ID.

**If you use a Wordpress self-hosted blog, in your Wordpress dashboard under Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing be sure to check both Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC. Then, in your settings on Flickr for that blog, enter your Wordpress API Endpoint; for example:

Support for Typepad, Movable Type, Manila, & Atom Enabled Blogs was removed and support for Tumblr was added in March 2011. If you are posting to one of the services that were removed, you can still easily post to your blog using the HTML in the share menu above the photo. (To the right of Actions)

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There are some things I'd like in my blog post that aren't in the templates provided. What are my options?

There are a number of additional elements you can add to your blog template to display things like a link to your profile or the date that a photo was uploaded.

Here's a list of additional tags you can add.

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How do I tweet from Flickr?

If you've already setup and authorized Twitter, just use the Share menu above the photo, to the right of the Actions menu. You can send a tweet along with a short URL link to the photo or video.

Please note, a Flickr member can chose to turn off sharing on their photos, so you may not always see it.

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What happened to the "Who can blog?" setting?

As of March 2011, who can blog is now controlled by the Allowing Sharing setting and it is a Yes or No instead of Only you, friends & family, family, friends, etc. These changes make sharing options simpler because there are less knobs to turn and to give members one place to control sharing on blogs, Facebook, Twitter (which isn't really exactly a blog even though it was listed in blogs before) and whatever other services might be added in the future.

For existing accounts, when transitioning to the new settings we made sure your privacy preferences were honored. If both "Allowing Sharing" and "Allowing blogging" were set to anyone, the new preference will be Allow sharing: Yes. If either setting had anything but anyone selected, the new preference will be Allow sharing: No. So if you had Allow sharing: Anyone and Allow blogging: Your Contacts the new setting will be set to Allow sharing: No

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Can I send to Flickr and blog from my mobile device?

You can send photos straight from your phone to your blog via Flickr. First set up your blog in Flickr, and then get yourself a special email address to send your photos to.

Each member of Flickr can get a specific 'Upload2Blog' email address. Set yours up here. When that's done, photos uploaded to the new address will be blogged automatically and posted into your Flickr photostream.

When you upload photos via email, use the subject line to give your photo a title, and the body of the email to give it a description. These will be carried over to your blog entry, if you specify this on the set up page mentioned above.

There is a really simple mobile version of Flickr available too, though you can only log in to it if you have a Yahoo! ID.

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My mobile phone service provider puts a signature in all the posts I send from my phone! How do I stop that?

Unfortunately, you can't do anything to stop this automatically. We need to remove each kind of signature as they come up. If you come across this happening, you can let us know and we'll get to it as soon as we can.

In the meantime, you could omit the body of your email in the post you make to Flickr (and your blog), or just delete the crud when you edit in Flickr.

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Is there a badge I can display on my blog or website?

Yes! As a matter of fact, there is! You can create a Flash or HTML badge using our nifty Flickr Badge generator.

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Why isn't my badge working?

If the badge is showing but your photos aren't appearing, make sure your images are public, safe and for badges based on tags, they will need to be searchable.

If you are having trouble getting the badge code to work on the page, make sure you are entering the code in the right place on your site and that your host accepts JavaScript. If you are not sure about these things check your host's help pages or contact them directly (they are your best resource since they know their site best). You also might check the Flickr Help Forum to see if anyone else has had the same problem.

Note: The badge currently is not supported for Internet Explorer 8 and recent versions of Opera at this time.

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Can I embed a slideshow on my site?

Absolutely! Just click the share menu in the upper right of any slideshow. From there, grab the embed code or click "customize this HTML" if you want to specify the size of your slideshow. Grab the code and drop it into your blog or favorite web site. Please note, only items that are viewable by anyone and marked as safe will appear in the embedded slideshow.

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Why doesn't Flickr allow embedding within frames?

One thing we take very seriously is the security of our members photos. As a security measure, Flickr doesn't allow the site to be embedded within frames on most sites. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We do have great ways to display Flickr photos on your website which will actually give you more control on integrating it with the look and feel of your site!

To embed a Flickr slideshow onto your website, go to the Slideshow you want, click Share in the upper right corner, and then copy/paste the html onto one of your pages. You can even "customize the HTML" to better fit into your website.

There are also some 3rd party applications for slideshows using Flickr photos that include options other than the official ones. Look for them in the App Garden.

Want an out-of-the-box solution to create a portfolio at your website with Flickr photos? Look for them here in the App Garden. You may need an API key for them, which you can get here.

If you have programming skills (the above methods don't really require any), you can write an application using our API.

Check out our related FAQs for more information on sharing photos and slideshows on your websites.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but if you try some of these other options out, you might find that Flickr looks more better on your website as you have lots of control on integrating it with the look and feel of your site!

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