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Sharing Information: A Day in Your Life (Video)

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Every day, you share information about yourself with businesses and their affiliates. In fact, you might not realize just how often it happens.

Every day you take advantage of all kinds of services mobile, social media, free internet search and more.
When you use these services, you're sharing information about yourself.
With friends, With businesses, While you're out and about, While you're at home.
That information is shared and sold.
Within Businesses, With their Affiliates, With Ad Networks.
So, in a typical day, you might shop at a store and use a loyalty card to take advantage of a sale, and your shopping habits may be shared or sold.
You might need to fill a prescription and your prescription history may be shared or sold.
You might use a daily coupon app to get a deal at a nearby restaurant and your location information may be shared or sold.
You might visit a news site where you notice an ad for your favorite brand of shoes.  
It's an online sale, this weekend only, so you buy a pair.
And the articles you read and your shoe preferences may be shared or sold.
You might login to a social network and see that your friends are filling out an "All About Me" quiz.  
You get the quiz app and share your answers, and your quiz responses and profile information may be shared or sold.
A regular day.  You've taken care of business, used some free services, gotten some good deals and revealed all kinds of information about yourself.
So at the end of the day, the question is, Who has your information and where is it going next?