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Firearms Training

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FLETC Cheltenham provides quality requalifications training in the safe handling, proficient application, and justifiable use of firearms. Our requalifications training program enhances each law enforcement officer's ability to safely handle required weapons. This requalification program affords each law enforcement officer the opportunity to maintain their agency firearms requalification standard.

FLETC’s seven-range, 108 point indoor firearms complex will accommodate requalification courses of fire for handguns, shotguns, automatic weapons, and rifles. Firearms training sessions may be scheduled from two to eight hour durations, and also for multi-day programs.

To schedule requalifications training, contact the FLETC Cheltenham Scheduling Office at 301-877-8515 or 301-877-8516.

FLETC offers instruction in specialized programs designed to enhance teaching skills of field firearms instructors responsible for designing, developing and coordinating agency firearms requalification exercises. See below for program training dates and descriptions.

Agency Specific Firearms Curriculum Development Service

FLETC Cheltenham offers agency specific firearms curriculum development services to law enforcement agencies. These services provide FLETC an opportunity to facilitate and administer safe, effective and proven firearms practices, procedures and techniques used by law enforcement.

FLETC law enforcement professionals consult with agency representatives and training personnel to assist in the creation and design of specific firearms related training programs, lesson plans and courses of fire. After the agency approves the curriculum, FLETC provides viable recommendations and solutions to appropriately integrate the training into the agency's mandated training requirements and mission-specific duties.

This beneficial firearms curriculum research and development service affords agencies a cost-effective approach to stay on the forefront of state-of-the-art weaponry, law enforcement tactics, and safer procedural techniques.

FLETC’s mission is to provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art law enforcement training to meet the needs of the law enforcement community. FLETC staff is proud of its creation and fostering of a world-class partnership with law enforcement agencies to produce basic and advanced law enforcement training.

For additional information on the FLETC Cheltenham agency specific firearms curriculum development service, please contact:  Program Specialist, 301-877-8436, or

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Program Specialist

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Training Programs

Active Shooter Threat Training Program (ASTTP)
Advanced Instruction Of Marksmanship (AIM) Training Program
Cheltenham Firearms Training Finder
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Firearms Instructor Refresher Training Program (FIRTP)
Firearms Instructor Training Program (FITP)
Law Enforcement Rifle Training Program (LERTP)
Reactive Shooting Instructor Training Program (RSITP)
Sub-Machinegun Instructor Training Program (SMGITP)