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Reactive Shooting Instructor Training Program (RSITP)

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The Reactive Shooting Instructor Training Program (RSITP) is a one week program designed to enable new and experienced field instructors to develop and teach reactive shooting techniques.  Reactive shooting is the shooter’s ability, under stress, to control the weapon to achieve maximum tactical accuracy and speed while quickly clearing any malfunction and to accomplish fast reloading.  This builds shooter confidence and instills an understanding of what is realistically possible with the weapon.  Classes are limited to twenty-four students.

Type: Advanced

Length: 5 class days


  • Firearms Safety Rules and Regulations
  • Officer Safety
  • Movement Drills
  • Pivots
  • Multiple Targets
  • Reactive Shooting for Instructors
  • Student Teaching Practice
  • Reactive Shooting Graded Practical Exercise
  • Reactive Shooting Scenarios with Non-Lethal Training Ammunition


Instructors assigned to coordinate and work with these programs have a significant background in law enforcement/military and special weapons training.  The instructional staff includes personnel from federal law enforcement, military, state and municipal law enforcement agencies.  All instructors assigned to teach in these programs attend special instructor training programs in the disciplines assigned.

Prerequisites for Attendance

For acceptance into the program, the student must meet the following criteria: the applicant must pass a FLETC health screening; be in good physical condition; have completed a basic law enforcement academy; and be presently employed by a law enforcement agency as a sworn LEO, or as an agency instructor.

Additional Information

Graduation from RSITP requires shooting a handgun qualification course achieving a score of 85% or better and participation in a group course presentation exercise.

Students are encouraged to bring their agency issued carry weapon, holster and other equipment.  Graduation from RSITP requires shooting a handgun qualification course and achieving a score of 85% or higher and participation in a group presentation exercise.  Ammunition and FLETC student uniforms are provided.

Upon request, this program is also available as an export to an agency’s location.

Contact Information

If you need additional information or have questions about the advanced training programs offered by FAD, please refer to the contact information below.


FAD, Building 166

1131 Chapel Crossing Road

Glynco, GA  31524


Telephone:  912-267-2278


Training Dates

RSITP-201 / Glynco, GA -- Jul 16, 2012 to Jul 20, 2012