Questions for the Doctor Questions for the Doctor

Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Questions for the doctor

What do I ask the doctor?

Visiting the doctor can be stressful. It helps to have questions written down before your appointment.
Print these questions and take them with you the next time you visit the doctor.

  • What is my risk for developing breast or ovarian cancer?
  • Are there warning signs I should look out for?
  • Would you recommend genetic testing to learn more about my risk?
  • What are the benefits and risks of getting tested?
  • What are my chances of having a mutated (changed) gene that could increase my risk for cancer?
  • If I have a mutated gene, what options will be available to me?
  • What would a positive or negative test result mean for me?
  • If I get tested, who will be able to see my test results?
  • Besides mutated genes, what other things increase my risk for breast and ovarian cancer?
  • What types of cancer screenings are recommended if I decide not to do genetic testing?
  • Is there information I can take with me about preventing breast or ovarian cancer?

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