Obama and Democrats raise record funds, poll holds steady

8:13pm EDT

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama's campaign and its Democratic allies raised $181 million in September for his re-election effort, the largest total that either side has announced yet in the 2012 campaign. | Video

Turkey strikes back at Syria after Erdogan warning

4:26pm EDT

ISTANBUL - Turkey returned fire after Syrian mortar bombs landed in a field in southern Turkey on Saturday, the day after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned Damascus that Turkey would not shy away from war if provoked. | Video

An F-35 Lightning II, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), is seen as it arrives at Edwards Air Force Base in California in this May 2010 file photograph. REUTERS/Tom Reynolds/Lockheed Martin Corp/Handout/Files

EADS-BAE deal may be hostage to politics

To win approval for their planned $45 billion deal, EADS and BAE systems must persuade Washington to let a pan-European behemoth control some of the most sensitive U.S. defense contracts, without triggering a political backlash.  Full Article 

A bread seller makes a victory sign in Tahrir Square, the focus of the February 2011 Egyptian revolution, after the end of voting in the presidential election in Cairo June 18, 2012.  REUTERS/Steve Crisp

Moving markets and keeping 83 million fed

CAIRO - Nomani Nasr Nomani is arguably the most powerful figure on the global wheat market; he is also the man who ensured Egypt's revolution for freedom didn't turn into a "revolution of hunger."  Full Article 

German mason Timothy Vincent looks at a QR code engraved in a stone in the Austrian village of Boeheimkirchen about 40 miles west of Vienna September 21, 2012. AUSTRIA-QR-GRAVES/  REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

Austrian gravesites get digital twist

VIENNA - Digital technology is about to give Austrian gravestones the potential to speak across time by showing pictures and biographies of the people buried below. All you need is a smartphone equipped with a scanner to read the so-called "quick response" codes.  Full Article 

The Hawaiian island of Lanai is pictured in this July 1994 NASA satellite handout image. (REUTERS/handout)

Oracle CEO seeks sustainability for his island

HONOLULU, Hawaii - If Oracle billionaire CEO Larry Ellison has his way, the Hawaiian island of Lanai will be transformed into a model for environmentally sustainable enterprise, a prospect that has excited some residents of the tropical paradise.  Full Article 

Semi-retired Ian Morton walks onboard his houseboat docked at Le Port De Plaisance de Lachine, a marina in Montreal, Quebec, October 4, 2012. REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

Rambling retirees trade homes for boats, RVs

NEW YORK - Today's retirees have limited budgets and long life expectancies. Living on the road for a year or five can be a way to spend less than hanging on to the big house or moving into a service-heavy retirement community.  Full Article 

Ohio State University quarterback Braxton Miller looks for a receiver during the second quarter of their NCAA football game against Miami Univeristy in Columbus, Ohio on September 1, 2012.  REUTERS/Matt Sullivan

Not just the economy: Why football and sharks can affect elections

WASHINGTON - A growing body of research indicates that many Americans vote based on their mood - if they're happy, it can be good news for incumbents. Voters' feelings can hinge on anything from weather to local sports results.  Full Article | Video 

Chrystia Freeland

For government, it is not just size that matters

One of today’s major debates is how big government should be, but our battle over the size of the state overlooks a problem that is just as important and that may be easier to muster the collective will to resolve: how effective government is, regardless of its scale.  Commentary 

David Rohde

Come down from the mountain, Mr. President

Romney may have inadvertently done the president a favor by publicly humbling him in the first debate. Obama needs to take more risks, be a more daring and deft politician, and lay out a clear agenda. Voters need a reason to vote for him, not just a reason to vote against Romney.  Commentary 

Christopher Papagianis

As U.S. approaches the fiscal cliff, will it jump?

What makes the government so special that it can model its accounting rules so differently from private business? Simple: Congress can always change what it owes by raising taxes or cutting benefits. But who really believes that Congress will talk straight about its accounting?  Commentary 

Nicholas Wapshott

Romney's somersault onto the middle ground

From a standing start Romney executed a perfect backward somersault, landing with both feet slap-bang in front of a bemused president, who appeared quite taken aback that his rival should plant his feet firmly in the middle ground where elections are won and lost.   Commentary 

John C Abell

Facebook's billion: Are you being served?

Despite gangbuster growth, Facebook is based on a tricky business model: The more they use members’ shared information to target them for advertisers and marketers, the less members are likely to go along, and the more they'll realize the bargain they've struck.  Commentary 

Jack Rafuse

The U.S. cannot afford to tax energy producers more

The energy industry will play a critical role in the nation’s economic recovery and our drive for a more secure future. Placing higher taxes on energy companies would ultimately hurt the federal government.   Commentary 

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