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Treating An Overactive Bladder

Friday, October 5

Friday, October 5

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Thursday, October 4

Swedish study found less decline in thinking ability for those on daily dose

The drug worked as well as standard pills in head-to-head study, but is not fully approved for that use
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Widely used chemical linked to lower levels of hormone in newborn boys, but not girls

Increased risk for those who drink 3 cups a day could be 66 percent, researchers say, but others are skeptical
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Caffeine, Glaucoma

New mathematical method predicts women's odds of becoming pregnant at various ages
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Infertility

10-year British study found no survival benefit for population at large
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Diabetes Type 2, Health Screening

Researchers found that the records can help doctors better target treatment, testing
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Diabetes, Personal Health Records

Access to IUDs, implants helped reduce unintended pregnancies, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Abortion, Birth Control

People with chronic gum disease seem to be slightly more likely to develop the skin condition psoriasis, according to a new study.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Gum Disease, Psoriasis

Get the annual vaccine
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Flu

Here are some common causes
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Epilepsy

But doctors, patients slow to embrace this timesaver, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis

Administrators should assess job conditions, researchers say

Most people 6 months of age and older are urged to get vaccinated
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Flu

Breathing tests improved more for 9/11 rescue crews than nearby workers

Older people who've suffered a heart attack often don't stick with the drugs their doctor prescribes, although the medications have been proven to save lives, according to a new study.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Heart Attack, Medicines, Seniors' Health

5 dead, at least 30 sickened across U.S. by suspected contamination in steroid used for back pain
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Drug Safety, Meningitis, Steroids

People who live within a half-mile of lots of parks and fields go on fewer walks than those who don't have much parkland nearby, a new study from Australia suggests.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Exercise and Physical Fitness

Study of brain structure may boost efforts to find ways to restore sight

The tumors affect three-fourths of women of childbearing age
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Genes and Gene Therapy, Uterine Fibroids

Condition should be treated before elective procedures if possible, researcher says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: After Surgery, Anemia, Heart Surgery

Study Shows Benefits, Drawbacks, for Women's Incontinence TreatmentsFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

Teenagers who smoke are more likely to die of heart disease decades down the line, even if they quit by the time they're middle-aged, researchers have found.
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Wednesday, October 3

But the tests would uncover risk in relatively few people, evidence review finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Heart Diseases, Laboratory Tests, Stroke

Pregnant women with frequent exposure to solvents at work may be at higher risk of having babies with birth defects, French researchers have found.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Birth Defects, Environmental Health

Study found those whose mothers experienced high blood pressure scored lower on tests in their 70s

After Pitney Bowes Inc cut copayments for two essential heart drugs, employees at the Stamford, Connecticut-based company began filling their prescriptions more regularly, according to a new report.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Health Insurance

Lesions on skull fragment indicate that meat was regular part of diet more than a million years ago
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Nutrition

Testing found new mutations only in people with the condition, not their parents

Not yet ready for hospital use, it might allow doctors to confirm and treat conditions sooner
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Genetic Disorders, Newborn Screening

Regular brushing and flossing are key
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Dental Health, Seniors' Health

Therapy may help you deal with depression, loss or anger
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Mental Health

While less deadly than melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell cancers can be disfiguring
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Skin Cancer, Sun Exposure

Babies who fuss and cry a lot may not have a greater chance of mental health issues later in life - despite what their mothers might think, a new study suggests.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Infant and Newborn Care, Teen Mental Health

Study shows they are diagnosed later and get fewer treatments than urban patients

Exercise reduced effect in men, but not women
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Kidney Diseases

Study found female identical twins had similar levels of 'thin idealization'

Chemotherapy, radiation before transplant linked to elevated threat
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Heart Diseases, Stem Cells

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Common Cold, Vitamin D

Number of deaths now stands at 163, up from 147 last week
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Statistics, West Nile Virus

Tuesday, October 2

One expert, however, says beta blockers have proven benefits

New guidelines say individual, doctor and evidence must all contribute to decisions
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Diabetes Type 2

But almost 1 million a month still do, agency says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Motor Vehicle Safety, Teen Health, Underage Drinking

Loading up on vitamin D is unlikely to prevent the common cold this winter, a new study from New Zealand suggests.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Common Cold, Vitamin D

For people conscious about their heart health, a new study suggests it may be best to eat fish instead of taking individual omega-3 fatty acids in supplement form.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Dietary Fats, Heart Failure, Nutrition

Key practices for doctors, patients outlined by American College of Rheumatology
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Gout

You may not have to give up dairy entirely
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Lactose Intolerance

Or their oral health may suffer
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Child Dental Health

Women in particular did worse with alternative procedure, U.K. researchers found
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Hip Replacement, Women's Health

Acceleration forces, effects of crush accidents were reduced
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Safety, Sports Injuries

The problem is much more common among children, teens
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Safety, Motor Vehicle Safety, Safety

Most children should still be eligible for care, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Autism

But association seen in study doesn't prove that sleep problems cause cardiovascular disease
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Heart Diseases, Sleep Disorders, Teen Health

But overall risk remains small, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Deep Vein Thrombosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Study found more disability, complications and longer hospital stays for these patients
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Falls, Seniors' Health

Large study found possible preventive effect against blindness-causing eye condition
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Glaucoma, Statins

Dutch research finds digital screening better at detecting life-threatening tumors
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Breast Cancer, Mammography

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Breast Cancer, Mammography

Monday, October 1

Breast Cancer Awareness (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Child protective agencies reported decline, but hospital data tell a different story
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Abuse, Health Statistics, Injuries

When drugs are tested only in adults, kids and their doctors are at a disadvantage, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Children's Health, Clinical Trials, Drug Safety

A new study says almost one third of Medicare's beneficiaries use the program to pay for end-of-life care at nursing homes, which may not be equipped to treat or prevent pain and suffering.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Medicare, Nursing Homes, Seniors' Health

Stay in shape to help prevent injury
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Sports Safety

Get your muscles ready for exercise
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Exercise and Physical Fitness

Fainting, skin infections most common side effects seen in girls, young women
Related MedlinePlus Topics: HPV, Immune System and Disorders

Older adults with heart disease, advanced diabetes were more apt to develop atrial fibrillation than peers who drank less
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Alcohol, Atrial Fibrillation, Seniors' Health

Evidence-based approach should improve care, experts say
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Back Pain

Experimental drug combo postponed resistance to therapy by 4 months, study showed
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Melanoma

New TV WarningVideo (HealthDay)
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Development, Parenting, Toddler Development

Both doctors and patients gave high marks to a program allowing patients to access their primary care physicians' office notes online, in a new study.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Personal Health Records

Alcohol, drug use common even 5 years after kids left detention center, researchers found
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Drugs and Young People, Teen Mental Health

Genetic mutation associated with hearing loss in Usher syndrome type 1 and other cases, study says

If true, it might be a useful tool to measure the effectiveness of treatments
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Multiple Sclerosis, Retinal Disorders

Understanding immune response in these 'elite controllers' might help pave way to vaccine
Related MedlinePlus Topic: HIV/AIDS

Research was based on interviews with more than 10,000 people
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Insomnia, Occupational Health

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

But they're more comfortable with uncertain outcomes than adults are, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Teen Development

Treatment Works: Get Help for Depression and Anxiety (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Excessive exposure hinders ability to learn, doctors warn
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Children's Health

Sunday, September 30

Low-cost mailers led to greater use of 'sun-protective' clothing, hats and shade, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Children's Health, Parenting, Sun Exposure

Friday, September 28

Student athletes collapsing from cardiac arrest in the middle of a game may grab headlines, but when someone's heart gives up at a school, it's usually not a youngster's.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Cardiac Arrest, School Health

Children of Texas mothers living where atrazine most used were more likely to have nasal passage blockage

But other experts disagree and say more activity, not less, is needed

Flu FactsVideo (HealthDay)
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Flu, Immunization

Buy a new pair when they appear worn
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Foot Health

In small study, patients on beta blockers gained about half-hour of sleep when taking supplement

But it's still designed to correct an irregular heartbeat

Loss of language skills can stem from stroke or other brain damage
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Aphasia

A new and potentially fatal virus from the same family as SARS which was discovered in a patient in London last week appears not to spread easily from person to person, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Viral Infections

Club managers need to comply with regulations, researcher says

Knowledge isn't always power, some women say, study finds

In the absence of reliable screening tool, questionnaire might aid early detection
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Screening, Ovarian Cancer

Women treated with hormone-blocking drugs to stave off breast cancer recurrences are often dissatisfied with their sex lives, a new study from Sweden has found.

Study supports checking progesterone levels in women with early pain, bleeding

Though assisted-reproduction techniques (ART) are known to come with a higher risk for birth defects, a new review of defect rates in Western Australia shows major birth defects becoming less common over the course of a decade among babies born through ART.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Birth Defects, Infertility

But it's too soon to expect treatment for lumbar disc deterioration