Spread the Word About Kids’ Online Safety

There are a number of ways you can spread the word about kids' online safety. Whether it's talking to your neighbors, sharing information on social networking sites or reaching people through the media, you can do a lot to raise awareness and help kids navigate the online world.

Spread the Word — Community

Here are some simple but effective ways to get the word out about kids’ online safety in your community:

  • Talk to a local PTA coordinator about discussing OnGuardOnline.gov at the next meeting. Use our online order form to get free copies of Heads Up or Living Life Online to take with you.
  • Tell your local school principals about OnGuardOnline.gov, and suggest the school link to OnGuardOnline.gov in an email to parents or on the school website. Let them know that the site includes a page for teachers and a page for parents.
  • Order free copies of our publications for your local community or recreation center, or library.
  • Write a blurb about OnGuardOnline.gov for the weekly bulletin at your place of worship.
  • Post flyers at your community center, school or library.
  • If you're a member of a book club, host a discussion about kids’ online safety at your next meeting.

Spread the Word — Online

What better place to talk about online safety and security than online? The internet and social networking sites give you the chance to share online safety tips with friends down the street and across the country.

Link to OnGuardOnline.gov from your blog or social networking profile, grab a web button or video for your site, and include our information in a blog post or email to your neighborhood list serv. The content is in the public domain, so feel free to adapt it for your needs.

Blog Tips

If you have a blog:

  • Write a post about OnGuardOnline.gov (or simply copy and paste one of our articles) and link to the site.

If you read blogs:

  • Reach out to bloggers who are talking about online safety and security. Let them know about OnGuardOnline.gov, and tell them they can link to it, grab the web button and use our information in a post.

Microblogging Tips:

  • Share short tips from OnGuardOnline.gov with a link to the site.

  • Comment on others' messages, and share what others have posted about OnGuardOnline.gov or relevant topics.

Social Networking Tips:

  • Update your status with tips from OnGuardOnline.gov. Like our Facebook Page.

  • Post a link to OnGuardOnline.gov on your profile and encourage your friends to check it out.

  • Join groups about online safety, and let them know about OnGuardOnline.gov.

Spread the Word — Media

Your local media can help you spread the word about kids' online safety. Here's how to engage this audience:

  • Call local newspapers, TV news or radio stations and ask if they're interested in covering – or planning a story about – online safety. Encourage them to include links to OnGuardOnline.gov.
  • Think about what you can offer for a story – maybe an interview with a local police officer, teacher or community leader, insight from local parents and kids.

Consider when reporters might be most interested in this subject. Reach out to them when online safety may be top of mind – like the holiday season when people are buying new gadgets and kids are home and online. If there is national or local news coverage about an online safety issue, use the opportunity to follow up with your local media outlets and offer them an interview with an expert or resources to help their audience.

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