Please pray for Yolanda. She is 20 years old and fighting for her life.
Please pray for Bill who is currently in the hospital.
Please keep Jackie Berntsen in your prayers.
Please pray for Colton. He is 14.
Please pray for Travis Croft. He is 13 years old.
Please pray for Hormoei Shipo.
Prayers go out to the family of Lindsay Estacio.
Please keep little Kenzie Stamps in your prayers suffering with SJS a second time


The Stevens Johnson Syndrome Support Group originated in May of 1995. The Group's purpose is to provide emotional support for people with Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.

August is SJS Awareness Month. Please visit our facebook page to help spread awareness of severe allergic drug reactions. Find out about Steven's Johnson Syndrome before it finds out about someone you love.
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    Petition for FDA Mandatory…

    Tell the FDA we need a mandatory adverse drug reaction reporting system by medical professionals of all severe drug reactions including Stevens-Johnson

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  • forhope
    Free Throws for Hope

    To raise awareness for severe adverse reactions, like the one he experienced last spring, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis / Stevens Johnson Syndrome survivor

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