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Search Tips's search engine quickly and easily puts information at your fingertips. The engine allows you to choose just how broad, or narrow, you would like your search to be. Search the site only or select the Search All USDA option to incorporate content from all USDA agency and office sites into your search.
Basic Search

Enter your keywords and phrases. Choose the search span by accepting the default to search only the portal, or select the checkbox to include all USDA agency and office sites. Press the "Go" button to process.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search offers the same options as the Basic Search, but gives you new options for reducing the number of results, which can help you find exactly what you want.

Limit your result with extra search options:

  • Search by file format - Search documents in certain formats.
  • Search by language - Search for information in english or spanish.
  • Search by publication date - Search within particular range of dates.
  • Search by subject - Choose your area of interest.

Display options:

  • Choose the number of results you would like.