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People First

People First

Search HHS.gov for any disease and prepare to be astounded. You will find: 556,000 results on Diabetes; 206,000 results on Breast Cancer; 474,000 results on Alcoholism; and 302,000 results on Dieting. What are the chances you’ll find the specific information you need in even, let’s say, the first ten sites you visit?

Creating Supermarkets on the Web

There’s a reason people shop in supermarkets. They get almost everything they need in one stop. Often, plus a few things they didn’t need. Supermarkets are fast, efficient, and effective. By comparison, our Web is like a street fair.

But we’re changing. We’re starting to build content supermarkets on the Web. We call them topic-based consumer sites. They bring the best of our related content together in one place. We’re even working with other Departments to build cross-federal Web supermarkets.

stopbullying.govStopBullying.gov provides information from various federal agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how people can prevent, and respond to bullying. Content for this website is developed by an interagency effort led by the Department of Education and HHS.

FoodSafety.gov FoodSafety.gov is the gateway to federal food safety information. The site delivers food safety updates, including recall information. It also provides safe food handling information. Federal agencies with a role in this initiative include the Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

flu.govFlu.gov is the central source for information on seasonal flu, emerging flu viruses, and pandemic flu preparation. Launched in 2005, it was the first ever cross-federal site. It’s unusual in that while its primary purpose is to provide consumer information, it’s also central to planning for potential flu pandemics, providing guidance, tools and information for health care providers, state and local governments, schools and businesses, as well as individuals. Primary information providers are HHS and the Departments of Education, Commerce, Agriculture, and the Interior.

Call To Action

Your Ideas

8/23/12 8:19 AM

I would like to see website with useful information, not just sites with links.

8/23/12 1:24 PM

I think USA.gov, which office is heading up the Digital Strategy, is the federal portal and so a natural supermarket that citizens already shop at. To amplify your health content specific information there, please contact me at [name withheld for privacy]

8/23/12 4:09 PM

"supermarket" is a little awkward... what about a web site about heart disease?

8/24/12 7:43 AM

We need accessible, affordable, good health care. Thank you and don't waste money.

8/24/12 9:04 AM

Family and Lay Caregiver resources -- how to identify caregiver burden and stress, just in time strategies to deal with health related needs of the patient/family member who needs care. For example, if a person is getting a pressure ulcer what do you do? When do you seek outside medical care? What are the best dressings and/or products for healing? Who to contact for caregiver respite? How to check references for in-home professional caregivers? What is going rate of pay? How do you pay benefits, such as, FICA, Workers Compensation?

8/24/12 9:13 AM

I would like to see something on HCV_ hepatitis C. With all the time and money going to this one disease, Hepatitis has been ignored for far too long. PLEASE, would someone pay attention to this? I myself have HCV.

8/24/12 9:19 AM

I would like to suggest a consolidated website where citizens can file consumer complaints or search consumer information. Perhaps a Hyperlink by state or a link to a federal agency. There are so much information on the web, and it is confusing which site to rely on. Similar concept as "FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions" Thank you.

8/24/12 10:13 AM

National database of current free and low cost health clinics. I am an advanced practice public health nurse providing care to the uninsured in no traditional venues. When I find someone I need to refer to care, it sometimes takes me hours of phone calls around the city trying to find affordable, low cost care to refer them to. Would be great for everyone to have an app or resource anyone in the country could access so they could find the services they need..where ever they are! Thanks! [name withheld for privacy]

8/24/12 10:34 AM

This sounds great, but where is the page with all these icons? can't there be a page like my iphone that just lists all these as apps?

8/24/12 10:54 AM

medical knowledge on diseases and illnesses

8/24/12 1:51 PM

I think this concept is great! A one stop shop to get important health information. I am viewing your site in Firefox and your logo featured in the banner appears very pixelated. Also, I like the idea of the numbers featured on the right skyscraper, but they don't really provide context relative to your subject matter. It is a cool idea but I think it needs a little more clarification. I was given a link to this site by a colleague and it wasn't the landing page that I was given. I was having a hard time understanding the information you were featuring. All in all this is a great concept, and I think if some of the graphic elements were cleaned up a little, it would be better. I would also consider moving the social icons at the bottom of the page to somewhere more prominently displayed if social media is a driving component to deliver information. Apologies for the laundry list, but I like what I see and only want to improve on its greatness. Logo, skyscraper, and social icons.

8/24/12 4:09 PM

Employment for persons with disabilities. I am sure HHS is able to employ persons with disabilities. We can work at call Centers. Data Entry Centers. Switchboards, etc... Please make it possible for us to get opportunities!!!!! We want to work and become productive. But we look different and people assume we are not productive. [name withheld for privacy]

8/27/12 9:11 PM

Your stopbullying has a really logical flow. Pleasantly surprised at what I found there and how I could find exactly the information I need to send my kids. Thank you.

8/28/12 11:17 AM

This may already be avaialbe, but how about something specific to children - Kid Care. Also how about a one click place to go for the top 5-10 things you can do now ( regularly updated information ) to improve your health. People like things easy and I find sometimes won't do the research to get the best information. Smart phone apps for all this is great too as it puts the information literally in the palm of your hands. Thanks [name withheld for privacy]

8/28/12 1:04 PM

consumer rights children's health/welfare senior health/welfare

8/28/12 1:08 PM

Love what you are doing!

8/29/12 2:59 PM

I don't like supermarkets. I prefer to order things online and have them delivered to me.

8/30/12 8:19 PM

Creating a National system for Home and Community based care. Provide Regional Customer Service to assist Seniors and the Elderly with information concerning, health care; medical, non-medical, prescriptions, facilities, dental care and insurance.P.S. Retirement building for boomers who will need to pay for these services!

8/31/12 2:19 PM

Keep it simple, up to date and easy to read. I will be reading this quite often so will have more input in the future. Thank you for this website.

09/05/2012 - 09:29:34

I think it's more important than ever to educate people on reproduction and family planning. I attended a catholic grade school and I came to believe the only way I would become pregnant was if I was married and in love. We did not have health classes nor were we encouraged to ask questions. Most of my peers did not have a clue about menstruation and fertility.

09/05/2012 - 10:14:50

Disaster preparedness for families, including what to put in a "go-kit" if you find you have to evacuate your home due to natural disasters.

09/06/2012 - 09:53:47

I would like a decision making protocol that would include searching for my dr., my specialist, and my hospitals.

09/06/2012 - 10:10:48

Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases Infectious Diseases

09/06/2012 - 10:30:42

Reliable nutrition information that is based on scientific evidence and provided by Registered Dietitians.

09/06/2012 - 10:36:44

Support in Disasters How to prepare for health care needs Contingencies (what if you are in a shelter and lost your meds?) How to cope after the surge of community support What children need in a disaster Normalize seeking mental health support

09/06/2012 - 11:01:49

what I would like to see in this web super market is a link to Harm Reduction on Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention including information and support for Needle Exchange Programs , Opiate Overdose Prevention Programs and HIV& HCV rapid testing Testing,

9/6/12 1:46 PM


9/6/12 3:34 PM

Healthy food for children and adults from ages 35years and up.

9/10/12 11:39 PM

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Hashimoto's Disease, Asthma, Supplements, Nutrition

9/12/12 10:08 PM

medical dictionary that people could download to spellcheck and for non medical people to be able to look up those medical terms as they are reading medical information [name withheld for privacy]

9/13/12 10:24 AM

Studies that help people choose foods/drinks wisely, give truthful information regarding causes of obesity and disease, for example. Studies that counter all we've been told for years and years!

9/14/12 9:58 AM

I'd like to see more absolute fact re the Medicare Advantage Plans---Sort out the advantages and the disadvantages and very specifically how they differ from Medicare Supplements.

9/15/12 12:56 AM

I like the direction - just curious, why content by topic vs. by audience type a la girlshealth.gov, etc.? I know some of these exist but am wondering what HHS folks think about content by issue vs. content by audience? Or, does your strategy have room for multiple content types? What have users wanted/preferred in testing?

9/18/12 12:16 PM

Domestic violence, HIV/AIDS

10/1/12 4:08 PM

I'd like to see: 1. A better organized, less unwieldy text 2. Different layers of information per subject, including faq sheets, headlines, links for more information and by state and county if possible 3. "Pull outs" that organizations can take and tweak and share with those they serve especially folks who do not have the internet. Thank you

10/1/12 4:09 PM

Parenting Pregnancy (incl. Breastfeeding) Heart health

10/1/12 4:14 PM

Traumatic brain Injury - I am a parent/advcoate for a son who is a TBI survivior. I am on many task force groups to help bring TBI education awareness in our state. He drives, goes to college, take of his on self self - however he looks normal and funcutions normal but has the hidden disabilties that no one sees - just like the wounded warriors. I would like to me help, education and awareness for this major health concern. FYI please see [name withheld] I would like to see traumatic brain injury added to this website!!!

10/1/12 4:19 PM

Foods & Vitamin Supplements to live & remain as HEALTHY as possible no matter what an individual's GENE pool may contain as a threat...

10/1/12 4:28 PM

When medicare billing falls on deaf ears. As a retired Police officer I am well aware what fraud is. I have had several cases of physician billing fraud, double billing, Exceeding the medicare maximum allowable and find the person assigned to investigate, a private contractor, has no skills what so ever. In as much as a physician cannot bill beyond what medicare allows, the private contracted investigator knows nothing about exceeding the maximum allowable and balance billing the patient. Fraud hot lines sends you in circles then in the end, the person assigned is not competent with existing medicare rules and laws. You need an outlet for people to report medicare employee contractor non-compliance and issuing wrong decisions. I asked one investigator to speak to her supervisor and she just hung up.

10/1/12 4:29 PM

Any topics on disability

10/1/12 4:34 PM

Where to go for help if you can no longer afford to feed your pet. What to do if you cannot keep your pets due to housing issues. We have places to go for help. The problem is how does the information get to the most needy? This is not known to most people and some elderly will starve to feed the pet they love because itis all they have. I think we have a growing need for this.

10/1/12 5:01 PM

Since you are responsible for the healthcare.gov site how about you make sure that information is correct and not a lie.

10/1/12 5:23 PM

I would like to a better choices in products are American made and cleaning products that are safe around people,kids ,babies ,and our pets.and more choices in the way our food is is produced like cereal and crackers,Graham Crackers and other snacks .I think we need better lables on products

10/1/12 5:46 PM

I like your supermarket idea and suggest you put contents on additions and mental health as well as other programs

10/1/12 6:15 PM

Doctors who still accept Medicare patients after your Dr dropped out of the program.

10/1/12 6:45 PM

Love the idea! Webmarkets: on where we should find information and access to all kind of programs that can benefit a family; singles, married w/kids orwithout babies, elderly people, single moms! Links to get a better education (would't be a burden to the state anymore), there are needed a lot more of adult education programs. Without doing networking! Bullying: excellent topic! Have 6 grandkids and believe that is something we suffer with them every day! But unless we go online back and forth you dont really know what are your choices . Health choices:centers and tools! information for teens: where they should go for help in any type of situation! I got excited! Love this websupermarket idea! Go web!

10/1/12 7:52 PM

Regarding "people first", I would like to see you create your own catch phrase instead of.... borrowing one that has been being used by People With Disabilities (PWDs) for SEVERAL YEARS.. Since circa 2005 that I know of, in fact. Best wishes, [name withheld for privacy].

10/1/12 10:20 PM

I would like to suggest links that separarate health concerns by gender, age, and/or ethnicity. Additionally, links health concerns affecting children, such as asthma and obesity Thank you for the work you do for the health of our nation! Reduction or elimination begins with education!

10/2/12 2:18 AM

Domestic violence information. Also, information about careers at HHS.

10/2/12 5:30 AM

Mitocondrial cytopathies and links to related organizations/info Primary immune deficiency diseases and links to related organizations/info Lists of Centers of Excellence for rare diseases, contact info Information concerning how people with rare diseases can become patients of the NIH Where and how to apply for substances used to treat "orphan diseases" and cross listings of those substances by related diagnosis

10/2/12 7:31 AM

nah..everything i worry about is already listed...but thx anyway..hope everyoen has the best day ever..yippy!

10/2/12 7:54 AM

I would like to see LIKE Buttons on the ideas here so we can give input about what would most meet our needs/interests regarding the topics you select to implement.

10/2/12 8:39 AM

I would like to see info on doctors, how well they perform, incidents of mal-practice, why they stick together, I have asked doctors to write an opinion just saying that something was just as likely as not to have occurred by a certain doctor and they all say "I cannot do that - it's a legal issue. [name withheld for privacy]

10/2/12 8:49 AM

There is a need for low cost or charity dental care resources.

10/2/12 9:46 AM

I'd like to see a website that takes you straight to the topic at hand and not something that meanders along and then gives you another link and then another link and so on.

10/2/12 11:40 AM

I'd like to see Alzheimer's Disease and treatments as a topic. Some of us are limited by local information and options, whereas your access is nation-wide.

10/3/2012 8:52 AM

How about information about how to properly clean up after using the restroom. Many boys don't wash their hands after using the facilities and girls don't always know the proper way to wipe. Bad or lack of restroom hygeine is a big reason for illness in schools.

10/3/2012 10:13 AM

oral disease (cavities and gum disease) and oral cancer

10/3/2012 12:38 PM

May we take this a step further and provide a case manager for those of us with chronic disabilities? I am sick and tired literally and then I coordinate all of the specialists and authorizations and medications and paperwork for benefits, waiting in line at SSA, waiting in line at DCFS all the while trying to gain knowledge on what the up and coming treatments are for multiple chronic conditions. And when I do find a new treatment or medication I start the whole process over again (and I am usually not done with the last latest and greatest that I had found)! I do this for myself and my 21 year old daughter who is afflicted with the same illnesses. I know that my daughter and I can be better health wise but trying to coordinate all of this is exhausting. We need an advocate in a medical capacity to assist us in the coordination of care, benefits, employment, accommodations, the whole gamut. An analogy...now we all go to the hardware store, fruit market, the mall, meat market, furniture store etc. We need an Assistance Mart, if you will, like a superstore. At the Assistance Mart everything that those of us with chronic disabilities need are conveniently placed in one store. I am positive that both my daughter and I would be well enough to live somewhat normal lives, work/go to school , be productive citizens (at least an increase of 50%) except all of our "good energy" is spent on jumping through hoops and over hurdles instead of living abundant lives. This, in my opinion, would be a win win.I also have ideas on implementation and I gather that others who are, or know someone who is disabled do as well. Thank you so very much for listening. And if you need to perform a cost analysis study on this concept please look no further. We volunteer! [name withheld for privacy]

10/3/2012 1:37 PM

physician quality performance by therapeutic area.

10/3/2012 5:52 PM

diabetes in pregnancy

diabetes in pregnancy

Where to acquire reasonable prices for our medications within America! Folks need sensible options. Most are ridiculously priced. Companies continue to rob citizens. No other country treats its citizenry in such a parastic manner, regarding necessary, prescribed medications.

10/4/2012 09:53 AM

put disease search on home page.

10/4/2012 9:55 AM

Why nothing on sarcoidosis?

10/4/2012 10:57 AM


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