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What is GitHub?

GitHub provides a platform for people around the world to share and collaborate on software development projects with simple version control and management steps. You can find us on GitHub at

The National Archives Digitization Services Branch has developed a number of software applications to facilitate the digitization workflows that the branch performs. Because the tools have greatly benefited our digitization staff in their work, we are sharing these tools with other organizations and the public through GitHub.

There are four software applications now available:

GitHub Octocat

NARA File Analyzer

  • Perform evaluation for an entire file directory on filename validation, file size statistical analysis, checksum calculation, and file type extraction
  • Generate summary report of each file analysis result

NARA Video Frame Analyzer

  • Automate and standardize the Quality Control checks on digitized video files
  • Analyze video frame level metadata generated by the digitization process

NARA AVI MetaEdit Tool

  • Provide metadata control such as embedding and editing for AVI files
  • Validate file structure and metadata format based on recommendations and specifications from the U.S. National Archives, Microsoft, and IBM

NARA MediaInfo

  • Display stream information for video and audio files
  • Allow customization for data display and export formats


If you have any question regarding the GitHub projects, please contact us at for more information.

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