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Historical Photos

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Historical photos of the Glynco Naval Air Station

Glynco airships on tarmac
Three Glynco airships are removed from their hangar and arranged on the tarmac launch areas. Photograph courtesy of FLETC.
Airships in Flight
These three Glynco airships are in flight formation over the Glynn County coastline. Photograph courtesy of FLETC.
Airships in Hangar 1
The airships of Squadron ZP2 in Hangar 1. Note the wooden trusses composing the hangar structure. The trusses were cut in Oregon and Washington, fabricated and numbered, and shipped to Glynco on rail cars. Photograph courtesy of FLETC.
Postcard: Greetings from the Navy Blimps
Glynco postcard, “Greetings from the Navy Blimps.” Courtesy Paul Pribble.
Postcard: Sentry of the Shipping Lane
Glynco postcard, “Sentry of the Shipping Lane,” blimp on convoy escort during World War II. Courtesy Paul Pribble.
Downtown Brunswick Viewed from a Glynco Blimp
Downtown Brunswick from a Glynco blimp, c.1943. Courtesy John Fahey.
Brunswick Sailor Parade
Glynn County and the City of Brunswick were happy to have Glynco NAS in the community. Here people from the area turned out to see a parade of sailors and WAVES, female Glynco recruits, in downtown Brunswick, c.1945. Courtesy of the Brunswick-Glynn County Public Library.
Liberty Ship Assembly
A construction crew assembles the turret of a Liberty Ship during World War II. Courtesy of the Brunswick-Glynn County Public Library.
Airship Hovers over Shipyard
A Glynco airship hovers protectively over a shipyard in Brunswick. Courtesy of the Brunswick-Glynn County Public Library.
Liberty Ship Launches from Brunswick
The Brunswick shipyards that produced Liberty Ships for the war effort were a target of German U-boat aggression. Often U-boats silently crept into harbors and waited to fire on newly launched ships before they had a chance to get into the open ocean. This was especially damaging if the ships were loaded with cargoes of soldiers, vehicles, food, ammunition, and medical supplies. Here is an aerial photograph of a Liberty Ship launch in Brunswick in 1944. Courtesy of John Fahey.
Couples on the Beach
Life at the air station was more than aviation and defense, here couples from Glynco enjoy the county’s beaches in the 1960s. Courtesy of Foster Hurley.
Sailors at Valentine's Ball
Sailors and their dates enjoying time at the Valentine's Ball in the late 1960s. Courtesy of Eileen Ligay.
Glynco Blimp Landing on Aircraft Carrier
Glynco blimp landing on an aircraft carrier. Courtesy David Gill.
Crewmember Working on Blimp
Glynco crewmember working on blimp from a ladder. Courtesy of FLETC.
Crew at Work on a Tail Line
Glynco ground crew at work on a tail line, c.1950s. Courtesy Charles Tillery.
K-type Airship Inside Hangar
K-type airship photographed from inside a Glynco hangar. Courtesy of FLETC.
Ground Crew in Transport Trailer
Glynco ground crew transport trailer, c.1950s. Courtesy Charles Tillery.
The Hortonsphere
The Hortonsphere, located north of hangar 1, stored helium used in blimps. Courtesy FLETC.
Crewmembers Climbing Aboard Blimp
Crewmembers climbing aboard a blimp gondola, c.1950s. Courtesy David Gill.
Sea Rescue Demo at St. Simons Island
Air-sea rescue demonstration in front of the St. Simon’s Lighthouse. Courtesy Ms. Sandy Jones.
Aerial View of Hangar 1 Under Construction
Aerial view of Hanger 1 under construction. Courtesy FLETC.
First Truss Section of Hangar 1
1st truss section of Hanger 1. Courtesty FLETC.
First Top Truss of Hangar 1
1st top truss section of hanger 1. Courtesy FLETC.
Construction of Hangar 1
Construction of Hanger 1 with timbers from Oregon. Courtesy FLETC.
First Truss in Place on Hangar 1
1st truss section is in place on Hanger 1. Courtesy FLETC.
Hangar 1 Nears Completion
Hanger 1 nears completion. Courtesy FLETC.
Hangar 1 Construction
Construction of Hanger 1. Courtesy FLETC.
Blimp Flight Log
Blimp flight log, 1950. Courtesy of Evan Mathis.
Hangar Stored with Surplus Aircraft
The era of the big blimps was drawing to a close in the late 1950s.The two airship squadrons assigned to Glynco were dissolved in October 1959, and the blimps were transferred to Lakehurst, New Jersey. The giant airship hangars, sitting empty, were used to store surplus World War II aircraft. It was the first full absence of the airships in the station's 16-year history. Courtesy of FLETC.
Damaged Hangar Roof
A combination of factors led to the poor condition and eventual demolition of the Glynco hangars, including shifting military priorities away from Lighter-Than-Air, roof damage by Hurricane Dora in 1964, and the large amount of money needed to maintain and repair the enormous wooden buildings. This photo shows roof damage from the inside of a hangar. The hangars were finally demolished in 1971. Courtesy of FLETC.
Demolition of Hanger 2
The demolition of Hangar 2. Courtesy of FLETC.
Demolition of Hanger 2
The demolition of Hangar 2. Courtesy of FLETC.