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All NIH forms below that are approved for use through June 30, 2012 (those revised 06/2009) are still available for use; revised forms have been approved by OMB and are expected to be implemented in the summer, 2013. For additional information see NIH Guide NOT-OD-12-152.

Research Grants and Fellowships
Forms / Applications
/ Instructions
Description / Comments
SF424 (R&R) 03/2011

Standard Form 424 (Research & Related) Grant Application Forms
Includes application guides and forms to be used with all competing applications for Research, Career Development, Institutional Training awards, and SBIR/STTR Awards.

See Applying Electronically Page and Related NIH Guide Notices.
PHS 398 06/2009

Competing - Public Health Service Grant Application
Includes application guides and forms to be used with all competing applications for Cooperative Agreements and Complex Mechanisms that do not use the SF424 (R&R) application package.

See 11/23/2009 NIH Guide Notice.

PHS 2590 08/2012

Continuation - Progress Report for a Public Health Service Grant

Other Resources:

Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) 08/2012

The eRA RPPR module will be available to all grantees for most awards as of 10/19/2012.  See NIH Guide NOT-OD-12-142 for additional information.

PHS Supplemental Grant Application Instructions (PDF - 763 KB)
PHS Supplemental Grant Application Instructions (MS Word - 842 KB)


Updated Parts II (Supplemental Instructions for Preparing the Protection of Human Subjects Section of the Research Plan) and III (Policies, Assurances, Definitions, and Other Information) to be used in conjunction with the PHS2590, 416-1 and 416-9 only at this time.


PHS 2012-02 (SBIR)


SBIR: PHS 2012-02 Omnibus Solicitation of the NIH, CDC, FDA and ACF for Small Business Innovation Research Grant Applications (Parent SBIR [R43/R44])

PHS 2012-02 (STTR)


STTR: PHS 2012-02 Omnibus Solicitation of the NIH for Small Business Technology Transfer Grant Applications (Parent STTR [R41/R42])

See Small Business Funding Opportunities Page for more information.

Topics  (PDF - 1 MB)     
Topics  (MS Word - 1 MB)


Topics: PHS 2012-2 NIH, CDC, FDA, and ACF Program Descriptions and Research Topics

SBIR Contracts
PHS 2013-1  (PDF - 1.15 MB)        
PHS 2013-1  (MS Word - 1.28 MB)
08/2012 Competing - SBIR Phase I and II Contract Solicitation  

Receipt date: November 13, 2012

Forms for Phase I Proposals:
A (PDF - 525 KB or MS Word - 64 KB
 (PDF - 86 KB or MS Word - 49 KB), 
C (PDF - 124 KB or MS Word - 172 KB) 

Forms for Phase II and Fast-Track Proposals:
B (PDF - 525 KB or MS Word - 64 KB),
C (PDF - 124 KB or MS Word - 172 KB), 
D (PDF - 90 KB or MS Word - 60 KB), 
E (PDF - 14 KB or MS Word - 52 KB), 
F (PDF - 94 KB or MS Word - 48 KB), 
G (PDF - 265 KB or MS Word - 69 KB)

Forms for Fast-Track Proposals:
ALL Forms (Appendices A-G) are REQUIRED

PHS 416-1 08/2012

Change of sponsoring institution applications for funded fellowships may also be submitted electronically.  See NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-12-134 and Funding Opportunity Announcement PA-12-270.

PHS 416-9 08/2012
Noncompeting - Individual Fellowship Progress Report for Continuation Support

Beginning 10/19/2012 NIH grantees have the option to use the RPPR module in the eRA Commons for Fellowship progress reports in place of the paper PHS 416-9.  See NIH Guide NOT-OD-12-142.

Training Forms
PHS 2271  (PDF - 344 KB)      
PHS 2271  (MS Word - 168 KB)
Statement of Appointment

The use of the eRA Commons xTrain system is mandatory to electronically prepare and submit PHS 2271 Statement of Appointment forms.  

Log onto the eRA Commons to access xTrain. Additional information on xTrain is at

PHS 416-5  (PDF - 257 KB)     
PHS 416-5  (MS Word - 65 KB)
Individual Fellowship Activation Notice
PHS 416-7  (PDF - 407 KB)      
PHS 416-7  (MS Word - 112 KB)
Termination Notice

The use of the eRA Commons xTrain system is mandatory to electronically prepare and submit PHS 416-7 Termination Notices.  

Log onto the eRA Commons to access xTrain. Additional information on xTrain is at

PHS 6031  (PDF - 296 KB)     
PHS 6031  (MS Word - 62 KB)
Payback Agreement
PHS 6031-1  (PDF - 388 KB)    
PHS 6031-1  (MS Word - 93 KB)

Annual Payback Activities Certification (APAC)

Administrative - Change of Grantee
PHS 3734  (PDF - 37 KB)     
PHS 3734  (MS Word - 60 KB)
Relinquishing Statement
Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a PHS Research Grant
Grant Closeout
Final Progress Report Instructions (PDF - 212 KB)
Final Progress Report Instructions (MS Word - 277 KB)

Format for SBIR/STTR Phase II Final
Progress Report
(MS Word - 143 KB)

Final Progress Report

HHS 568  (PDF - 46 KB)     
HHS 568  (MS Word - 79 KB)
Final Invention Statement
SF 425  (PDF - 108 KB)


Federal Financial Report

NIH Federal Financial Report Supplemental Instructions (MS Word - 42 KB)

Related NIH Guide Notice: NOT-OD-10-038 and NOT-OD-11-017.

Other Federal Forms
Other Forms Note:   Forms below are not provided by the NIH. Thus, the NIH is not responsible for the accuracy of these documents, and cannot assure that these forms are the most current versions required.

Submission Information and Help

Page Limits for NIH Forms
  • The Table of Page Limits has complete information on the page limits that are applicable for each Activity Code. Remember that exceptions to the standard page limits may be allowed on an individual basis – please check the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), since it always supersedes the standard page limits.
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