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Facts on Drugs

Facts on Drugs Get the facts: Find the real facts fast on how different drugs affect the brain and body:

Anabolic Steroids—Buying "bulk" is never a good deal when it comes to these substances, which can cause guys to grow breasts and girls to grow beards along with more life-threatening effects.

Brain and Addiction—Discover what's in your head and how drugs of abuse cause changes in the brain.

Ecstasy (MDMA)—This club drug can cause confusion, depression, sleep problems, intense fear and anxiety that can last for days or weeks (in regular drug users) after taking it.

HIV, AIDS, and Drug Abuse—Behaviors associated with drug abuse now are one of the largest factors in the spread of HIV infection in the United States.

Inhalants—Chemicals in common household products can get you "high", but often at a high cost to your health.

Marijuana—Think everyone does it? And a bunch of leaves must be harmless, right? Check the facts.

Prescription Drug Abuse—Abusing prescription drugs is illegal and can be very dangerous.

Stimulants—This class of drugs can elevate mood and increase energy, but the are highly addictive.

Tobacco Addiction—It only takes eight seconds to reach the brain and start making changes.

Other Drugs—Looking for information on other drugs not listed here? NIDA has lots of other resources available-just look here.

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