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Customs and Border Protection Officer Basic Training (CBPOBT)

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The eighty-nine (89) day CBP Officer Basic Training Academy (CBPOBTA) is conducted on the grounds of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia.

The CBPOBTA is focused on producing a hardened, professional law enforcement officer committed to equipping OFO personnel with the tools necessary for: 

  • Operational effectiveness
  • Enhanced enforcement tools, tactics, and techniques
  • Building capacities to address the increasingly globalized and sophisticated nature of ensuring border security and preventing terrorism

CBPOBTA Trainees receive extensive training in Title 8 Immigration Law, Title 19 Customs law and all other laws, rules and regulations that CBP enforces nation wide. The training philosophy and environment have been dynamically enhanced in order to train to the highest law enforcement standards. The recently expanded 89-day training program provides an even greater emphasis on basic law enforcement skill sets and Agency priorities including: Integrity / Anti-Corruption, Admissibility Adverse Actions, Interviewing skills/Analyzing Behavior and report writing.

Each trainee receives 105 hours of practical exercise training, classrooms or interactive scenarios utilizing role players and one-on-one instructor to trainee ratio. In this venue the trainees must pass a total of 7 graded practical exercises. During the passenger processing training alone they are exposed to over 200 scenarios. These training scenarios cover a wide spectrum of Primary and Secondary passenger processing situations.

This Law Enforcement Training is tough, realistic and challenging, and prepares the trainees to effectively execute the duties of a Customs and Border Protection Officer in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures and protocol. 

Overall Trainees are evaluated on eight (8) comprehensive, written examinations and twenty-three (23) graded practical exercises during their basic training.  The majority of the training is conducted during normal duty hours from 0730 hours until 1630 hours Monday through Friday.

We believe at the CBP Officer Basic Training Academy that Training to these higher standards builds a CBP foundation consisting of: 

  • Pride and Discipline
  • Agency Identification
  • Enhancement of Intrinsic Motivation
  • Esprit de Corps
  • Professionalism (knowledge, skills, and abilities)
  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Integrity

Type: Basic

Length: 89 Days

Prerequisites for Attendance

Enrollment nominations for the CBPOBT program must be submitted in accordance with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and CBP policies. DHS and CBP establish employment standards for the CBP Officer position. All CBPOBT attendees must meet the DHS and CBP recruitment standards. All students are also required to meet the Center’s Practical Exercise Performance Requirements PRIOR TO ARRIVING FOR THE CBPOBT TRAINING PROGRAM.

Additional Information

Those selected to attend the CBPOBT training program will be notified by Customs and Border Protection of their class dates.