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Uniformed Police Training Program (UPTP)

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Program Description

This program provides training in the basic law enforcement knowledge, skills and abilities that a new Federal officer must understand and/or be able to perform in the first two years on the job. Officers receive instruction in a number of areas, including: Officer Safety and Survival, Communications and Interviewing, Constitutional and Federal Criminal Law, Arrest Techniques, Defensive Tactics, Drugs of Abuse, Terrorism, VIP Protection, Physical Security, Firearms, Tactics for Flying Armed and Driver Training.

Type: Basic

Length: 59 training days.

Prerequisites for Attendance

Each Partner Organization sets its standards in recruiting new employees. After the individuals have been selected, they are sent by that organization to the FLETC. Attendees must meet their Agency’s recruitment standards and FLETC Practical Exercise Performance Requirements for the UPTP PRIOR TO ARRIVING FOR THE TRAINING PROGRAM.

Additional Information

Registration is through the Federal agency employing or sponsoring the trainee.