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Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP)

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Program Description

The CITP provides basic and fundamental training in the techniques, concepts, and methodologies of conducting criminal investigations. The CITP underwent a full Curriculum Review Conference (CRC) in March 2009. As a result of the CRC, the CITP was revised and updated and a pilot program was conducted in October 2009. Following analysis of the pilot data, full implementation of the new curriculum items is expected in January 2010.  The continuous CRC process ensures that trainees have the best and most current training consistent with developing the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform as a Criminal Investigator/Special Agent.

Lecture, laboratories, practical exercises, and tests are used to ensure that each trainee acquires all of the critical knowledge, skills and abilities required of new criminal investigators. Throughout the program, each trainee must participate as a member of a small task force team in a continuing case investigation. Interviewing of witnesses along with surveillance and undercover operations enable the students to develop a case, write and execute search and arrest warrants, write a criminal complaint, obtain an indictment, and testify in a courtroom hearing.

Throughout the program, the trainees are mentored by Continuing Case Investigation Coordinators. Subjects in the training include: interviewing, surveillance, criminal case management, legal training, physical techniques and conditioning, tactical training, firearms, vehicle handling skills, physical evidence, and other courses that provide the essential knowledge, skills and abilities needed by the new Federal criminal investigator.

Type: Basic

Length: 56 training days.

Prerequisites for Attendance

The training program is designed for full-time Criminal Investigators, GS-1811 series, from the Partner Organizations. However, a Partner Organization may request that a non-1811 law enforcement employee be permitted to attend the program if the agency believes that investigative training is essential for the employee. The Program Manager will review the request and determine whether the prospective student will be allowed to attend the training. All attendees must meet the employing agencies’ recruitment standards and the FLETC Practical Exercise Performance Requirements for the CITP PRIOR TO ARRIVING FOR THE TRAINING PROGRAM.

Additional Information

Non-Partner Federal agencies may send students on a space-available basis, and State and local law enforcement officers may attend if sponsored by a Federal Partner Organization. Applications for attendance to all basic training programs must be submitted through supervisory channels to each agency’s FLETC liaison/training officer.  Registration is through the Federal agency employing or sponsoring the trainee.