Electronic Records Services

In the digital age, an increasing number of Federal records are being created in electronic format. The FRC, in collaboration with NARA's Electronic Records Archives (ERA), is working to protect, preserve, store, and service e-records for Federal agencies. This page provides information on electronic services offerings, such as digital imaging, e-media storage, secure e-media destruction services and more. For more information on FRC electronic records services, please contact your local FRC Director.

Digital Imaging (Scanning)   E-Media Storage
Digital Imaging        E-Media Storage
Create scanned files of your agency's paper records.   Safeguard your agency's electronic media in the FRC's new Electronic Records Vault.
Digital Imaging   E-media Storage
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Electronic Media Destruction
SmartScan Electronic Document Delivery
Media Shredding        SmartScan
Electronic media shredding, degaussing and crushing/punching.   Get same day electronic delivery of your records via e-mail.
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