Assembly Instructions

STEP 1. Square up box on this
side, and fold flap A inside.

STEP 2. Fold extensions over on
flap B, and fold to closed position.

STEP 3. Lift flap A to vertical
position, then lift and fold
extensions of flap B up against
end walls of box.

STEP 4. Lower flap A to bottom of  box.

STEP 5. Fold all flaps in
( small flaps first.large flaps last).

   Letter-size documentation                 Legal-size documentation
   (Letter-size files face front and Legal-size files face the left size of box)

FRC Training

FRC Training Local Federal Records Centers offer training on FRC services (including transfer, disposition and reference procedures), either at records centers or onsite at agency facilities.

Please contact your local FRC for more information.

In addition, NARA's records management team offers a comprehensive certification course for Federal employees on records management.