What's new with ARCIS?

You can sign up for ARCIS online. And once you have an account, be sure to download the latest version of the ARCIS manual or visit the ARCIS training page to access self-paced tutorials on ARCIS or to sign up for an upcoming live webinar.

  • The FRCP is currently beta testing three new, interdependent ARCIS modules:
    • the transfers module, which will enable customers to submit SF-135s online;
    • the user management module, which will allow agencies to sign up new users, assign them privileges to perform certain functions in ARCIS (such as submitting SF 135s, submitting reference requests, or administering other users), and delete users; and
    • the access control module, which will allow agencies to configure access rights to control which staff members can access what records.

    These three new modules will create levels of control that have been previously unavailable to our customers. Since each customer has different needs and different user populations, the implementation of these new modules will range from very simple to very complex.

    The ARCIS development team is currently working with a group of customer beta testers to perfect these new modules. Once this beta test is completed, all agencies will be surveyed to determine the level of their needs and the complexity of their records control and user management structures. The amount of time required to configure your agency and train your users on these new modules will determine when your agency will be able to begin using them.

    We estimate that we will begin contacting and surveying our customers in February 2010 to assess their needs. After we receive your agency's response, we can begin gathering the information that will be necessary to customize these modules to meet your needs and to schedule the type and amount of training that your agency will require.

  • The results of the first ARCIS user survey are in! Some preliminary findings:
    • 83% of respondents who used the web-based resources (manual, video, webinars, and training modules) rated them as "good" or "excellent"
    • 62% of respondents said they receive their reference requests faster since ARCIS deployed
    • 97% of respondents rated the ARCIS Help Desk technicians as professional and courteous
    • 73% of CIPS users prefer ARCIS to CIPS

    Customers also provided hundreds of comments, which will be used to improve the system itself as well as communications, training, and customer resources. Future surveys will be e-mailed to customers approximately twice a year.

  • Do you need help with ARCIS? Contact the ARCIS Help Desk. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can help you and your staff with any kind of ARCIS-related issue, from resetting a forgotten password, to navigating the system, to getting training. Call 314-801-9300 or email arcishelp@nara.gov. ARCIS Help Desk hours are 7 a.m to 5:30 p.m. Central Time.