Get Your Records Fast with SmartScan

SmartScan is a new way of getting your records from Federal Records Centers. Your reference request is researched, scanned by our staff, and e-mailed to you in PDF format.   View the SmartScan FAQ

SmartScan Steps 1-3

It's Cost Effective

SmartScan eliminates outbound and return shipping costs and paperwork. SmartScan is particularly cost effective for requests of 30 pages or less.

It's Simple to Use

There are no special procedures to learn—just type “SmartScan” in the “Remarks” section of your request, and provide a valid Federal e-mail address.

It's Fast

SmartScan is the fastest way to retrieve records from the FRC. In most cases, if you submit your SmartScan request by 9:00 a.m., your records will be e-mailed to you by 4:00 p.m. that very same business day.

It's Easy to Share

SmartScan documents are sent as high quality Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) attachments. You can share these documents instantly with agency colleagues in your office or around the world.

There's Nothing to Return

With SmartScan, there is no need to return your records, so there are no return shipping costs.

It's High Quality

FRCs offer 100% quality control check on all SmartScan transmissions.

Your Paper Records Never Leave the FRC

Your original records remain securely stored at the FRC, and are rapidly refiled and ready for use by your agency colleagues.

Start Using SmartScan

PDF files require the free Adobe Reader.
More information on Adobe Acrobat PDF files is available on our Accessibility page.


Customers Tell Us They
Love SmartScan!

”This service is great! It’s fast, convenient, and cost effective. I don’t have to worry about lost files or returning files, (and it provides) faster service for our customers within the government family—documents can be forwarded to other government agencies…extremely convenient for all involved.“
US Bankruptcy Courts,
Ft. Worth, TX

”This was a good way to accomplish this task. All of the mail normally sent to me comes through our main building (and) is irradiated there. This process typically delays my receiving the mail for up to seven days. Your method streamlined that.“
Internal Revenue Service

”Thanks—this is so much better than having to have the whole record sent for two documents. I hope that this will be wave of the future for document requests.“
US Courts, Ft. Worth, TX

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