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Collectors Club

Collecting?  Join the club!  There's lots here to learn and do.

Coin Collector's Workshop

Inspector Collector's Coin Course
Get a head start on the road to collecting with this fun and fact-packed course.
Get a Clue about Collecting
Solve these 15 mysteries and puzzles to show your coin know-how.
10 Facts Coin Kids Should Know
Add these ten basics to your treasury of collecting knowledge.
Meeting new coin terms?  Here's some handy help.
When you need more information, this library is always open.
Coin Finishes
Learn more about the differences between circulating, uncirculated, and proof coins.

Collecting Activities

How to Share Your Hobby
Here are some fun ways to get your friends interested in coin collecting.
Find a Coin Club
Once you're ready to join a coin club, find one in your area and share all you have learned from Inspector Collector
Scouts' Corner
Find out how to turn coins into a merit badge.
Fun with Coins
Find lots of activities, experiments, and games you can make yourself!

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