Share with Care

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Your online actions can have real-world consequences. The pictures you post and the words you write can affect the people in your life. Think before you post and share.

Think Before You Share

What you post could have a bigger "audience" than you think.

Even if you use privacy settings, it's impossible to completely control who sees your social networking profile, pictures, videos, or texts. Before you click "send," think about how you will feel if your family, teachers, coaches, or neighbors find it.

Once you post information online, you can't take it back.

You may think that you've deleted information from a site — or that you will delete it later. Know that older versions may exist on other people's computers. That means your posts could live somewhere permanently.

Get someone's okay before you share photos or videos they're in.

Online photo albums are great for storing and sharing pictures of special events, and camera phones make it easy to capture every moment. Stop and think about your own privacy — and other people's — before you share photos and videos online. It can be embarrassing, unfair, and even unsafe to send or post photos and videos without getting permission from the people in them.

Sexting: Don’t Do It

You may have heard stories at school or in the news about people "sexting" — sending nude photos from mobile phones. Don't do it. Period. People who create, forward, or even save sexually explicit photos, videos, or messages are putting their friendships and reputations at risk. Worse yet, they could be breaking the law.

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