Tips for Yahoo! Users

In light of recent news that a Yahoo! service was hacked and some 400,000 usernames and passwords for Yahoo! and other companies were stolen, offers the following tips:

If you used your Yahoo! login ID or password for other accounts, change them. Hackers have been known to try IDs and passwords on different websites to gain control of other accounts. In fact, Best Buy and other major retailers have reported an increase in hacks that use login information stolen from other sites. When creating your new password, keep these tips in mind.

When you read your email, consider whether any of the messages could be a phishing scam. Having your stolen information could make it easier for crooks to send emails that appear to be from people or sites you trust. Don’t click on links in unexpected emails. And if you get an email asking you to provide your credit card number or Social Security number — don’t.

Monitor your online retail and financial accounts often. If you see charges you don’t recognize, get in touch with the fraud department of the company or bank right away.

Be sure the information on your credit report is accurate. The law requires the three nationwide consumer reporting companies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – to give you a free copy of your credit report every 12 months if you ask for it. Visit or call 1-877-322-8228 to order your free copies. To find out how to correct errors, visit


Great tips Nicole. Thanks for posting.

One thing worth mentioning is that Yahoo! has confirmed the breach and will be changing the passwords of the affected Yahoo! users. A notification to the customers will likely come in e-mail form.

I wouldn't be surprised if hackers got their hands on the notofication e-mail and turned it into a phishing attack by changing the link URLs to those of a malicious URL.

Thanks for the tip. I will have to look at my passwords and details carefully.

I use to use Yahoo and I think the hackers had some kind of help from the inside of the company ? just a thought , because of some of the e-mails I use to notice them. i see Yahoo has a new President of the company now.

will hello i have lost money and recived lots of mail from the new president from yahoo saying he is the president with a yahoo mail that is very funny

Thank you for the information and tips. The replies have also been helpful. I really am thinking about obtaining a gmail account then and deleting yahoo.

I know log off every-time I finished checking emails. I also go into spam folder and search for emails to add to my block list.

I know I have been getting strange e-mails lately, I went to gmail to get out of yahoo, for awhile. I will change my password, thanks for letting me know.

How can I tell if someone has hacked into my system either or at work?

I notice that yahoo has DNT service now...everyone should read this information and learn to turn off all ad notifications on their computers. Yahoo does not like doing this because they get paid for these ads popping up on your pages etc for personal interest and what not....but please read and get caught up, turn off your ad services, opt out!

All Iknow that it was compromised

Im following up with you

what do you mean by this username?

Idont have any username apart of abdelmajeedh

This scammer called my T mobile number and told me with Indian or Pakistany accent that they were calling from Microsoft and that the user's computer was corrupt. The scammer then asked to remote into the computer. Then, the scammer try showed the user that was "wrong" with the computer.
Caller name unknown, when requested provide following name: KAT WILSON, TELEPHONE # 520 720 0725 on 07 18 12 at10:00 pm, reported on 07 19 12 9:55 am
I refuse to continue to check with microsoft.

My Yahoo account was hacked on July 27 at 7:47 AM from an IP address in the United Kingdom, registered to I was able to track in using the "recent activity" choice on Yahoo. Although it was listed and marked, I am still not able to rescue any email history or folders prior to that time.

I think if you use a little common sense you also will be able to help yourself.

I received an email from (I thought) was my son (showed his name) with a link which I clicked on and immediately closed. Then I noticed it was not my sons correct email address. Am I in jeopardy of having my computer and personal info hacked because I clicked on that link?

It is possible that clicking on the link could have installed malware on your computer. You might want to review our information about malware, especially how to detect malware. It would be wise to make sure your security software is up-to-date and then run a full scan of your computer. Delete any files that are flagged as dangerous.

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