The headlines tell the story: lay-offs and furloughs, reorganizations, and closings. If you’ve recently lost your job, your first thoughts may be, “What do I do now? How will I pay my bills?”

Business Opportunities

Worried that you’re next in line for a lay-off or pink slip? Perhaps you’re just ready to be your own boss? If the answer is yes, a franchise or business opportunity may sound appealing. But getting into a business opportunity requires a lot of work upfront.


Want to work from home or make some extra money? Ads for work-at-home opportunities may appeal to you. But before you send in any money in response to an offer, check it out. Fraudulent promoters use the classifieds and the Internet to tout all kinds of work-at-home offers, from medical billing and envelope stuffing to assembly and craft work. Too often, these ads make promises about earnings, merchandise, or marketability that sound great, but aren’t truthful. The result: consumers can get ripped off.

Wealth Building

Do your research first: Checking things out before you commit to a deal is a more effective and practical way to safeguard your money than trying to get a refund afterward.

The turbulent financial market may have you looking at alternative investment and money-making opportunities — or maybe they’re looking for you. If there’s a mysterious financial model or an offer promoting miraculous returns, most likely it’s a scam.

Among the business opportunity and wealth-building scams that people have lost money to are the Seminar Pitch; the “Nigerian” Scam; foreign lotteries; and check overpayment scams. Here’s how you can avoid them — and save your money.

Job-Hunting/Job Scams

If you’re looking for a job, you may see ads for firms that promise results. Many of these firms may be legitimate and helpful, but others may misrepresent their services, promote out-dated or fictitious job offerings, or charge high fees in advance for services that may not lead to a job.

File a Complaint


What are the signs of a job scam?

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