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The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory is internationally recognized as a center for mouse genetics research. It has hosted courses and meetings since the late 1950's and has a compelling reputation for the high quality of its conferences and workshops. The importance of holding scientific meetings, courses and workshops cannot be overstated in today's rapidly changing technological landscape. Such gatherings serve a critical function both in maintaining currency within various scientific disciplines, and improving or enhancing the informational exchange between disciplines. As contemporary scientists begin to appreciate the need for multidisciplinary approaches to complex problems, the demand for public forums promoting interdisciplinary informational exchange must increase. In the context of the genetic research and resources offered by The Jackson Laboratory, these public forums serve to train new and established scientists how to use mouse genetics as a tool to understand basic mammalian biology and disease. To learn more about the courses offered by The Jackson Laboratory, please visit this website: http://www.jax.org/courses/current.html.

For additional information about this conference, contact:
John B. Macauley, Ph.D.
The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main St
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609-1500
Telephone - (207) 288-6266
Fax - (207) 288-6003
Email: jbm@jax.org