Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative


Mouse Radiation Hybrid Map

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research/MIT Center for Genome Research

The Whitehead Institute's web resource for the mouse titled, "WICGR Mouse RH Map Home Page," contains the T31 RH maps of the mouse genome developed at the Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research. The page includes text files containing marker assay names, GenBank accession numbers, chromosome assignments, map positions, primer sequences, PCR product lengths and consensus vectors used to construct the RH maps. Additional files contain full length original EST/STS sequence from which the PCR assays were designed, a listing of the T31 hybrid order used to generate the Whitehead's vectors and statistics for the latest released maps. There is also a link to an automated script that will allow users to map their T31 RH vectors relative to the latest Whitehead framework maps. Finally, graphical representations exist in a variety of formats of both the genetic markers used to construct the framework RH maps and the latest RH maps with placement markers (predominantly EST's). Links to previous RH map releases are also on this page.

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