Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative


Mouse BAC End Sequencing Project

The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) has been funded by the National Institutes of Health to generate sequences from both ends of mouse BAC clones from RPCI-23 library. The quality of the sequences meet the following criteria: 1) a two-ends clone fraction of 90%; 2) an average read length of 500 bp and an average Q20 length of 400 bp; and 3) a clone tracking accuracy of at least 95%. As on March 2000, we have produced ~100,000 end sequences from ~57,000 RPCI-23 (segment 2) clones with 72% of the clones having paired-ends. We are also collecting all BAC end sequences that are publicly available from different sites and annotating each sequence for repeats, ESTs, STSs and finished genomic sequences. The available BAC map data will be gathered from various genome centers.

The mouse BAC ends database at TIGR is daily updated to integrate the BAC end sequences, the phred quality scores, the map, and the annotation data for each BAC clone. The database provides links to sites of the library information, the reports of GenBank and dbGSS, and other relevant data. The database is freely accessible via the web and supports sequence or clone searches and anonymous FTP. The relevant sites and resources are described at

Additional information about the database can be obtained from:
Shaying Zhao, Ph.D.
Assistant Investigator
The Institute for Genomic Research
9712 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
TEL: 301-838-3532
FAX: 301-838-0208

Revised 3/29/00