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NHLBI-Supported Mammalian Genotyping Service

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) funds the Mammalian Genotyping Service to assist in linkage mapping of genes which cause or influence disease. Genotyping is carried out using short tandem repeat polymorphisms at Marshfield, Wisconsin under the direction of Dr. James Weber. Capacity of the Service is currently about 6 million genotypes (DNA samples times polymorphic markers) per year and growing. Although the Service was initially established for genetic projects dealing with heart, lung, and blood diseases, the Service will now consider meritorious applications involving all disorders. Genotyping is available for humans, mice, rats, dog and zebrafish. To ensure that the most promising projects are undertaken, investigators must submit brief applications that are evaluated by a scientific advisory board. At this time, only projects with >10,000 genotypes will be considered. DNA samples must be in hand at the time of application.

There are no genotyping fees for approved projects. Application deadlines are every six months: September 30 and March 31. To obtain an application, please visit this website:

For additional information about the NHLBI-Supported Mammalian Genotyping Service, please contact:

Amy Hartwig
TEL: 715-389-3525